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Medanta The Medicity, Gurgaon

CH Bhaktawar Singh Road, Sector 38, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122001, India

Founded by eminent cardiac surgeon, Dr. Naresh Trehan, the institution has been envisioned with the aim of bringing to India the highest standards of medical care. Medanta Cancer Institute has an integrated healthcare center with a dedicated team of oncologists and cancer surgeons who work in tandem to provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary care to patients suffering from cancer. Book Tatkal Appointment with top Oncologists at Medanta Hospital - only on Credihealth.

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Top Oncologists at Medanta - The Medicity

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Dr. KK Handa

Chairman - ENT and Head Neck Surgery


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Dr. Ashok Vaid Dr. Ashok Vaid

Chairman - Cancer Institute

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Dr. Tejinder Kataria Dr. Tejinder Kataria

Chairperson - Cancer Institute

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Dr. Rakesh Khera Dr. Rakesh Khera

Director - Kidney and Urology Ins...

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Dr. Anil Mandhani Dr. Anil Mandhani

Chairman - Kidney and Urology Ins...

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Blood Cancer Treatment

Blood cancer treatment depends on the stage of cancer and medical condition of the patient. The treatment typically includes one or more of these following procedures - Stem Cell Transplantation, Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy.

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Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer treatment depends on the stage of cancer and medical condition of the patient. The treatment typically includes one or more of these following procedures - Breast Cancer Surgery, Chemotherapy, Hormone Therapy, Radiation Therapy or Targeted Therapy.

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Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostate cancer treatment depends on spread of the cancerous cells outside the prostate gland, rate of growth and overall health of the patient. Commonly, the treatment of prostate cancer includes one of more of radiation therapy, prostate cancer surgery and hormone therapy.

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