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Hi Doctor, My name is Khaja Asad. I am from Hyderbad. My Son Aariz, who is 3.2 years old is walking on his toes since he was toddler. At first we thought that it is common amongst toddlers. Now he is unable to sit in natural squatting position. he says he cannot sit and when we force him to sit in that position, he feels lot of pain and cannot sit in that position not even for few seconds.He needs some support and he sits for some time with the support. Apart from that he is good at all other things. He plays well. He is little shy and has lot of fear inside him when he sees new people, new things & when he hears some loud sounds. he is very much careful for himself. As a father i am very much worried and feel a lot for my son. i kindly request you to suggest me regarding the situation of my son. Please Suggest some exercises or i can come for consultation. In case if you need to see him I can share a video of him on your mobile/whatsapp or any app.kindly request to share ur number. Regards Khaja Asad +918919308530

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