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Dr. Harpreet Kaur

Dr. Harpreet Kaur

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics and Gynecology, Diploma - Minimal Access Surgery

Consultant - Obstetrics and Gynecology


speciality 14 Years of Practice
Dr. Shashi Shankar Behera

Dr. Shashi Shankar Behera

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Consultant - Obstetrics and Gynecology


speciality 10 Years of Practice
Dr. Shibani Devi

Dr. Shibani Devi


Consultant - Obstetrics and Gynaecology


speciality 8 Years of Practice
Dr. Pradip Kumar Panigrahi

Dr. Pradip Kumar Panigrahi


Consultant - Obstetrics and Gynaecology


speciality 8 Years of Practice


Anand Ojha green_tickVerified User


Booking is a simple process.
Bhoopsingh green_tickVerified User


Nice Consultation with Doctor.
Dr Pramod Shah green_tickVerified User


I Recommend Dr. Shibani Devi.
Nairita Mazumder green_tickVerified User


I am satisfied with the treatment.
Amrit De green_tickVerified User


Thanks to the Doctor Treatment
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Gynecologists are medical professionals who specialize in the care of women's health, with a particular emphasis on the female reproductive system. Among the many concerns they deal with include obstetrics, pregnancy and delivery, menstruation and fertility issues, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), hormone abnormalities, and other related issues.

A gynecology doctor also specializes in treating minor problems in a woman's lower body, such as tubal ligations and hysterectomies (prolapse uterus surgeries) that also include women's reproductive system-related issues and disease through surgery, medication, different therapy, etc. The surgical treatment done by a gynecologist includes laparoscopy, laparotomy, and cystoscopy, among other procedures. A qualified obstetrician is not in short supply and can treat many diseases, including dealing with any type of difficulties during birthing, such as an ectopic pregnancy, which is not uncommon.

Woman with gynecological and reproductive system-related issues or illness must visit a gynecologist as early detection of the disease help in better health outcomes.

Common reasons to visit a Gynaecologist –
A visit with a gynecologist does not always have to be about problems. Regular health checks up with the Best Gynecologist in Bhubaneswar can save you from various diseases in the future. Also, a patient with the following issues and disorders must visit a gynecologist on an immediate basis -

Menstrual Irregularities -
Women with several menstrual abnormalities or irregular periods must see a gynecologist. Ignoring such issues may lead to future reproductive difficulties. Any changes in menstruation should be reported to a gynecologist.

Breast Problems -
Women over 40 should get regular mammograms, and those with a family history of breast cancer should get them sooner. Other than that, women should see a gynecologist to detect symptoms like breast pain, a lump in the breasts, or discharge from the breasts. Disregarding any odd signs might lead to serious health outcomes.

Pelvic Exam -
A yearly pelvic exam and testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can aid in the detection of typical growths or other abnormalities. Women experiencing menopause or abnormal discharge should be examined yearly.

Urine Abnormalities -
A change in urination frequency, a burning feeling, or blood in the urine may suggest a urinary tract infection. Contrary to popular belief, OTC medications might temporarily relieve symptoms while worsening the illness. Women should visit a gynecologist if they notice any abnormal changes in their urine.

Painful Intercourse -
Painful sex may indicate a problem—this personal act should not cause pain. Whether the source of your suffering is physical or psychological, a women's clinic near me Atlanta should be your first stop.

Pre-pregnancy counseling - A gynecologist is the most appropriate professional to consult with before you decide to become a mother-to-be. The majority of the time, the doctor will prescribe a full health check-up so that you can have a smooth pregnancy free of problems.

Menopause - During menopause, some women have lighter periods than others, and variations in cycle frequency are typical. Menopause usually begins in the early 50s, but it can occur earlier or later. A woman must consult a gynecologist if she is approaching menopause and observe changes in her period.

In need of emergency, you can consult with the Best Gynecologist in Bhubaneswar via online and teleconsultation services through Credihealth.

Why choose Credihealth -
Your online healthcare partner Credihealth makes it possible for you to arrange an appointment with the best gynecologist in Bhubaneswar in a matter of seconds.
On Credihealth, you can choose the best hospital or doctor by comparing prices, ratings, and reviews.
Credihealth's other services include:

  • Booking hospital or doctor appointments.

  • Buying online medicines.

  • Scheduling lab tests.

  • Hiring a home attendant.

You may also email us at or call us at 8010-994-994 to learn more about Medicare services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are gynecological infections?

Q: How can I find the best Gynaecologist in Bhubaneswar?

Q: Can a gynecologist help with menstrual pain?

Q: How does the best gynecologist treat fibroids?

Q: How can I find the best Gynaecologist in Bhubaneswar?

Patient Stories

Review User

Promila Kapoor


This is the story of Promila Kapoor who was suffering from PCOS during her reproductive days. She appeared to seek help for the same through a Gynecologist in Bhubaneswar with the medium of Credihealth. She was taking medicines for her PCOS for almost two years and as the medical condition arose, the condition was like sometimes she used to have her periods and sometimes she would go without menstrual flow for a few months. The story of her life started when she got married. She developed the curiosity to become pregnant. Although Promila was taking medicines for her health issues, she lost her chance of becoming pregnant naturally.

How did Promila receive help?

  • Promila, who became curious about her health issues, started having an online consultation with the best Gynecologist in Bhubaneswar.

  • The doctor explained to her that there were a few chances of her getting pregnant during the fertile days of her menstrual period. However, the chances were minimal.

  • Promila tried to conceive during the period she was ovulating, but nothing worked for her. Indeed she landed on her decision to have IVF or adopt a child.

  • Adoption was a good idea but Promila wanted to get pregnant naturally. She had her session on IVF with the doctor and she found it helpful.

  • Soon she arrived at the hospital along with her husband and used to have the chances of fertilization through IVF. She even tried to have better consultation with the doctor during the days when her husband was unable to accompany her to the hospital.

Today, the best Gynecologist in Bhubaneswar has become like a partner of Promila who is helping her baby boy to grow properly. She received her IVF, became successful with it, and received a baby boy through the process. The family is now happy to have a partner in the form of a doctor and receive better health suggestions.

Review User

Mrs. Anjali Verma 


Mrs. Anjali Verma from Dwarka was diagnosed with an 11 cm ovarian cyst. She was heavily bleeding due to the cyst and having severe period cramps. She had been trying to conceive for a long time but could not conceive. Later, her husband contacted Credihealth to get assistance for his wife's ailment.

Value addition:

The medical expert took a detailed medical history and provided the requested doctor's details they asked for. Mrs. Anjali Verma was advised for laparoscopic surgery to remove an ovarian cyst during her consultation with the best gynecologist in Bhubaneswar.

Mrs. Anjali Verma was hesitant about the surgery and wanted to seek a second opinion on the same. Credihealth arranged a second opinion for her where she got all her queries resolved regarding the surgery and recovery process.

The medical expert counseled Mrs. Anjali Verma's family members and provided TPA-related guidance.

Mrs. Anjali Verma has been operated on and is recovering now. They are continuously in touch with the best Gynecologist in Bhubaneswar for queries related to post-procedure recovery. Mrs. Anjali Verma's husband thanked the medical expert assisting them and remains in touch with Credihealth for their future medical assistance requirements.

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