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Who is an Orthopedic doctor?

A doctor specialised in diagnosing the musculoskeletal disorders of your body is called an Orthopedic doctor. Musculoskeletal system consists of ligaments, muscles, nerves, tendons and joints. Treatment is provided by a few different ways, the basic one is medicinal and the severe cases are dealt with surgical processes.

How are musculoskeletal disorders diagnosed?

Orthopedic evaluates the medical history of the patient. This is followed by a number of diagnostic tests that help the doctor to diagnose the condition in a better way and provide the best treatment modality.

The patient has to undergo the following screening tests.

  • CT Scan: It is a computerized tomography test which includes a scan process supported by X-Rays from different angles to form a cross-sectional image of soft tissues and blood vessels.

  • Epiduroscopy: This test is used to check the scar tissues and inflammation spot in the nerve roots. It involves the process of examining epidural space in the spinal cord.

  • Selective Nerve root block: In this, local anaesthesia and steroids are injected near a spinal nerve. It is used to determine the spinal nerve root, causing back pain in the patient body.

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