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Patient Stories

Mrs. Jassi Sachdeva

New Delhi, India

Sixty-two years old Jassi Sachdeva (name changed) from Amritsar was diagnosed with liver cancer. Her son contacted Credihealth for doctor recommendations for his mother, in Delhi NCR.

How We Helped:

  • The medical expert took Mrs Sachdeva's detailed medical history and booked a doctor appointment on priority. The expert coordinated with Credihealth's desk team at the hospital for in-hospital assistance and priority lab tests. 

  • The medical expert coordinated with the Credihealth's desk team to collect and email the lab reports to Mrs Sachdeva's son, as they had to go back to Amritsar immediately.

  • The medical expert booked another appointment with a liver cancer specialist on an urgent basis when they were in Delhi NCR next.

Mrs Sachdeva's son is very happy with the fast and prompt response from the medical expert and the desk team. He thanks Credihealth and continues to stay in touch for her family's medical assistance needs.

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