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Orthopedic Doctor in Gurgaon

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What Kind of doctor is the Orthopedic Doctor?

Initially, an orthopedic doctor was devoted to the treatment of children with bone or spine disorders. As time changes, the orthopedic doctor has evolved tremendously. Now, the best Orthopedic Doctors takes care of patients of all age groups.

Orthopedic Doctors are the physician who cures various congenital or functional disorders related to bones with surgery, casting, and bracing. Orthopedists also manage to cure bone injuries.

These doctors also treat infections, sports injuries, broken bones, and joint problems.

Why would you see an orthopedic doctor?

An orthopedic doctor treats the diseases and injuries related to the musculoskeletal system. You must consult your orthopedic doctor if having pain in ankles, knees, hips, shoulders or back. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Difficulty in walking

  • Pain in muscles or tendons

  • Joint pain

  • Swelling or bruising around the joints

  • Joint deformity

  • Dislocations

What is the most common Orthopedic Surgery?

The doctor may ask about the medical history of the patient before starting the treatment. In the case of orthopedagogy, surgery is kept as a last option. Knee arthroscopy is one of the most common surgeries these days. Given below are a few examples of Orthopedic Surgery:

  • Acromioplasty.

  • Ankle replacement.

  • Knee arthroscopy

  • Arthrodesis

  • Hip arthroscopy

  • Joint replacement

These surgeries are used to cure those disorders that could not be cured by other procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the patient know if they have a fracture?


A patient will know if they have a fracture if the injury causes swelling, pain, and loss of function. This is further confirmed by an X-ray or bone scan. A fracture will require special treatment like splints, casts or surgery.

Answered by: Dr. Ashwanth Prathapani on 06/09/2019

Q: How long does it take to recover from an Orthopedic surgery?


An orthopedic surgery takes four to six weeks to heal, on average, depending on the type of surgery and the condition of the patient.

Answered by: Dr. Ashwanth Prathapani on 06/09/2019

Q: What is arthroscopic surgery?


The orthopedic surgeon performs keyhole surgeries inside the joints, with small incisions. These surgeries are known as arthroscopic surgeries. A small camera and motorized instruments are used to perform surgery inside the joint.

Answered by: Dr. Ashwanth Prathapani on 06/09/2019

Q: How much time does an Orthopedic consultation take?


An orthopedic consultation takes 30 minutes to an hour on average, depending on the kind of injury/ ailment.

Answered by: Dr. Ashwanth Prathapani on 06/09/2019

Q: What is Arthritis and what are its symptoms?


Joint inflammation is also known as Arthritis. Some common symptoms of Arthritis joint stiffness, pain, swelling, redness, and decrease in range of motion.

Answered by: Dr. Ashwanth Prathapani on 06/09/2019

Q: What are the most common Orthopedic injuries and diseases?


The most common orthopedic injuries are back pains, shoulder injuries, arthritis, ligament injuries, fractures, and knee injuries.

Answered by: Dr. Ashwanth Prathapani on 06/09/2019

Q: What are the common diagnostic tests an orthopedic doctor advises?


Some common diagnostic tests advised are

  • Arthrography

  • Blood tests

  • X-ray

  • Blood tests

  • Bone scan

  • CT scan

  • Doppler ultrasound

Answered by: Dr. Ashwanth Prathapani on 06/09/2019

Q: What is the difference between an Orthopedist and Orthopedic Surgeon?


An Orthopedist specializes in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions and diseases. They may also specialize in specific fields of orthopedics like trauma, sports medicine, and pediatrics. An Orthopedic Surgeon has the surgical expertise to treat musculoskeletal ailments by operating on them.

Answered by: Dr. Ashwanth Prathapani on 06/09/2019

Q: Who is an Orthopedician?


An Orthopedician or an orthopedist is a specialist who has received exclusive training to diagnose and treat ailments of the musculoskeletal system. An orthopedist deals with the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves.

Answered by: Dr. Ashwanth Prathapani on 06/09/2019

Q: What is Orthopedics?


Orthopedics is a branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders related to the musculoskeletal system.

Answered by: Dr. Ashwanth Prathapani on 06/09/2019