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Cloudnine Hospital, Noida

Cloudnine Hospital Noida

No C-9, Gautam Budh Nagar, Sector 51, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301, India

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Mon - Sun09:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Cloudnine Hospital Noida is the latest establishment by the Cloudnine group in 2018. It basically focuses to meet the international standards when it comes to child and women care. Cloudnine group has delivered over 45,000 cases across the country. It has a team of more than 3,000 highly-qualified and well-experienced gynecologists who are going strong with their c...
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Excellent doctor.
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Very Professional Doctor.
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The assistance of Dr. Shweta Goswami is really appreciated.
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Exceptional physician.
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Must recommended.

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Patient Stories

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Parveen Kaur


This is the story of Parveen Kaur who had the delivery of the child at the nearby Cloudnine Hospital Noida. She knew that this time she would be having a little difficulty because of certain instincts and doubts she had. This was going to be the second delivery after 7 years of the birth of the first child. Thinking that the experience of delivery was something different from last time, Parveen was having doubts about whether the baby will be delivered healthily or not. That was because she sometimes used to have no movement of the baby inside her womb. But according to the doctors, the baby was growing healthily and there were no doubts about having any problems with the baby.

How did Parveen receive help?

  • On one hand, Parveen was tense because of the healthy living of the child. On the other hand, she was in labor and she had to deliver the baby.

  • It is said that the thoughts, emotions, and stress of the mother often affects the delivery of the child and the same thing happened during the delivery.

  • The baby was delivered through vaginal delivery and the baby got stuck in the womb having the shoulder stuck in the groin area.

  • Although it was not difficult for the baby who had the delivery in all the right forms, the mother developed an infection because of which she had to stay hospitalized and away from the baby for around 15 days.

  • In the end, the mother had to meet the baby and went back home. She thanked the practices of the Cloudnine Hospital Noida and their expertise to correct her infections.

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Sonia is around 32 and has been a patient with sickle cell since her birth. Although she has been taking medications for her disease, she thought to stop trying for another baby after seeing four miscarriages in a row. After going through devastating conditions and four miscarriages, Sonia and her husband thought to have the best solution with the help of the best doctors of Credihealth. The husband and wife duo went to have their appointment at Cloudnine Hospital Noida, where Sonia came to know that she was three weeks pregnant.

How did Sonia receive help?

  • Sonia who was unaware of her pregnancy after four miscarriages had around 50-50 chances of the survival of the baby.

  • She was informed about her health conditions and the doctors gave her an ultimatum to either stop the pregnancy or wait for how the pregnancy grows in the future.

  • In the middle of the situation, Sonia experienced something different because of which she had to rush to the hospital again.

  • She experienced the development of a mass on her breast. After receiving all sorts of diagnoses, she came to know that she was going through the stage I breast cancer.

  • Because of the effect of two diseases on her body, Sonia had to deliver the baby three months before the due date.

Although the baby was delivered alive, the baby boy had to be incubated in the NICU unit of Cloudnine Hospital Noida for around 89 days. On one hand, the baby boy was receiving the best medical facilities and on other hand, the mother- Sonia was receiving the best medical help for her cancer and sickle cell. Both mother-son duo met each other after two months when Sonia had all chances of breast cancer being excluded from her life.

Cloudnine Hospital, Noida