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Cytecare Cancer Hospital, Bangalore

Cytecare Hospital, Bangalore

Near, Venkatala, Bagalur Cross, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560064, India

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Mon - Sat09:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Cytecare Hospital, one of the best hospitals in Yelahanka, Bangalore, is known for providing comprehensive care for each cancer patient. With a belief and passion for fighting cancer the right way, Cytecare Cancer Hospital has globally renowned oncologists having years of experience treating cancer. It's a globally known fact that fighting cancer needs medical,...
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Master Arya Choudhury green_tickVerified User


Great doctor for cancer treatment.
Tanishka green_tickVerified User


it's very great experience. Doctor quickly understand the problem and explain all the things related to my knee pain in detail.
Nibha Rani Das green_tickVerified User


Dr. Harish is a wonderful doctor. He is very humble and polite. He is very supportive during the procedure.
G Lal green_tickVerified User


Doctor is good in listening and explaining the issue. He has suggested some pain killers and nutrients for our issue. Recommended, thanks.
Kiran Raj green_tickVerified User


He is really friendly and explain everything and details

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Q: How many doctors are available at this Cytecare cancer hospital?

Q: Does the hospital provide treatment services to the international patient?

Q: How can I book an appointment with the doctor associated with Cytecare Bangalore hospital?

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Patient Stories

Review User

 Mrs. Nafisha Khatun


Thirty-three-year-old Nafisha Khatun of Bangalore was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and was undergoing severe weakness. Her sister, Nazmin, contacted Credihealth to assess the doctor's recommendations for her sister in distress.

The patient's health was getting serious with time, and the need for an oncologist was felt. They wanted to have a renowned hospital in Bangalore for the treatment.

 Value Added (Making Care reach everyone) : 

 · The medical expert took the strenuous job of gathering the patient's medical history for booking the purpose of booking a surgical oncologist immediately.

· Then, the medical experts conversed with the hospital manager about a vacant bed on a priority basis. The cooperation aided a lot to Mrs. Nafisha in reaching the door of the best treatment with Cytecare Hospital.

· Our medical expert had a short discussion with the Hospital's manager regarding the patient's troubled situation. Later, the Hospital's manager met the patient's sister to guide her regarding the admission procedure.

· The medical expert asked about providing a counseling session and helped to manage a sizable amount of discount for the full treatment procedure.

 Mrs. Nafisha is now reflecting good progress in her health. His wife is very much grateful to Credihealth's team for the exceptional support provided in this problematic phase for successfully letting out breast cancer surgery.

Review User

Mrs Manvi Jalan


Fifty-three years old Mehul Magar from Nepal was diagnosed with lung cancer. He had had shortness of breath for quite some time. His cousin, Anup Chhetri living in India, contacted Credihealth to access the Hospital's recommendations for assuring cancer treatment in Bangalore.

The patient was desperately looking for a resilient surgical oncologist for this cause.

Value Added (Care is still within everyone's reach): 

· The medical expert was responsible for collecting the patient's entire medical history to make the Hospital's administration updated about the patient's condition. They needed the details for calculating the cost estimates.

· The medical expert coordinated with the patient's family about the treatment expenses in Cytecare Hospital. Even the Hospital's management knew about the patient's deteriorating health. This coordination aided Mr. Mehul in reaching the best Hospital in no time.

· Our medical expert conversed with the manager about admitting the patient to that very Hospital. Later, the admission procedure was done smoothly, along with diagnostic tests.

Still, the team Credihealth gets in touch with the patient's cousin to know about his health conditions.

 Mr. Mehul Magar will be recovering very soon. His cousin is extremely satisfied with Credihealth's team for their effortless guidance and help. This help has made it possible to successfully carry out lung cancer surgery.

Review User

Mrs Manvi Jalan


Fifteen years old, Manvi Jalan from Bangalore was diagnosed with bone cancer and was in urgent need of chemotherapy. Her father, Sudhir Jalan, contacted Credihealth to reach the doctor's recommendations in Bangalore for her treatment.

Value Added (Making care reach everyone) : 

· The medical expert used the patient's entire medical history to suggest the name of a nearby hospital as per the patient's preference. Even the medical expert informed the patient's family about the total treatment expense.

· Simultaneously, the medical experts searched for a renowned surgical oncologist to treat Manvi. The treatment let out in a hurried way to cure the troubled patient. Here, the patient got admitted to Cytecare Hospital for treatment.

· After completing treatment, Manvi Jalan's family became tensed about paying the full treatment expense. The medical expert talked with the Hospital's management for a discount and succeeded in getting the same.

Manvi Jalan has been given chemotherapy several times along with other medications. Here, the patient has shown much progress and is recovering rapidly. Her family is grateful to Credihealth's team for the effortless services and guidance extended in such a difficult moment at a critical phase for successfully carrying out bone cancer surgery. Ultimately, the patient's family is satisfied with the doctors over there.

Cytecare Cancer Hospital, Bangalore