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Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad

Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad

Neelam Bata Road, Faridabad, Haryana, 121001, india

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Mon - Sat09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Fortis Escort Hospital, Faridabad is a NABH accredited hospital with a bed strength of 210. This hospital opened its doors with the goal of establishing itself as a trusted and reliable healthcare provider in the country.  It has a team of experienced doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other qualified paramedics. Fortis Escorts Hospital Faridabad is a mult...
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MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics

Senior Consultant - Trauma & Joint Replacement Surgery

35 Years Of Experience,


MBBS, Diploma - Orthopedics

Senior Consultant - Orthopaedics

31 Years Of Experience,


Jyoti Singh green_tickVerified User


Thanks to the Doctor and His Staff, All Is Well.
Dhriti Patra green_tickVerified User


Credihealth Was Extremely Helpful in Scheduling an Appointment That Met My Specific Requirements and Preferences.
Nitin green_tickVerified User


At the hospital, there is a strong team of doctors.
Lalir Sharma green_tickVerified User


Excellent Doctor.
R. B. Mathur green_tickVerified User


The outcomes of the consultation meet my expectations, and I am pleased with them.

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Q: Is it a NABH accredited hospital?

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Q: When was the hospital established?

Q: Is there any pharmacy?

Q: Do they have any cafeteria?

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Q: What is the OPD timing?

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Patient Stories

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Ajay Chowdhary


Ajay Chowdhary is nearly 57 years old and is a resident of Gurgaon. He was suffering because of ear pain that took the notice of his family and had to visit the doctor. The doctors told him that he had his nose content stuck in the ear because of which the ear has been filled with pus. It caused him severe pain and he had to go through a course of medications. Ajay Chowdhary, who was already having the consultation with one of his nearby doctors, could not bear the pain. His pain was the same even after spending months with the medications. Ajay’s son Prateek came to know about the expertise of Fortis Escort Hospital Faridabad. He had a consultation with one of the best doctors in the hospital and received the right amount of help.

How did Ajay Chowdhary receive help?

  • Prateek, who had the consultation of a general practitioner at Fortis Escort Hospital Faridabad for his father, got to know that the diagnosis was right. This time the expert doctors gave the same reason for the medical condition of his father.

  • Prateek became curious about the health of his father and asked for a solution. He was asked to receive an appointment with one of the ENT doctors of Fortis Escort Hospital Faridabad. The general practitioner referred him to the ENT specialist.

  • Ajay Chowdhary received his best help from the ENT doctor and had to go through minor two surgeries with 5 days of stay in hospital. He was given medications and had his surgery done successfully at the right time.

Today, Ajay Chowdhary is having a happy family without any medical condition. He is attending his job like before and is having the support of his wife and son like before. He is lucky enough to receive the right help at the right time, where his son had the great hand to do so.

Review User



Ankur was an animal lover. When Ankur agreed on taking care of the pup on his own, his parents bought him a small pup in his hands. Ankur was now the happiest personality in the house, who often used to talk to the pup, treat him and guide him in doing the different acts and teach him with different signs. The turning point arrived in the life of Ankur when he became 25 years old and it became nearly 10 years to survive with a pup or dog. This time Ankur developed a medical condition of cough that was not going itself. He sometimes used to go through shortness of breath but somehow he used to manage the same. The problem arose when he once accidentally swallowed a coin and it took two hours for his mother to give him therapy for vomiting out the coin. In reality, his mother only punched a fist in his back and tried to vomit the coin and it worked for him. But the problem of breathing issues remained there.

How did Ankur receive help?

  • Ankur visited Fortis Escort Hospital Faridabad through the medium of Credihealth. He got himself tested and received the reports. What he saw in the reports astonished him as he developed the chances of asthma.

  • The doctor explained to him the triggers of asthma and Ankur got to know that he was taking care of a pup since the age of 15 or 16 and its furs in the nose or all around the room or house triggered the symptoms.

  • Ankur received a heavy dose of medications to treat his breathing issues. He was given the correct teachings to use inhalers and spacers. At the age of 25, he got to learn how to fight asthma so that it doesn't require getting caught in the middle of shortness of breathing.

Ankur could not distance himself and his love for his furry babies in the house. He only developed a schedule for when and how to see those animals. He is now pursuing a job in a marketing management profile and is earning quite well. His love for furry babies never changed but he developed curiosity against the use of certain items like cigarettes and alcohol. He is thankful to the Fortis Escort Hospital Faridabad and the team of Credihealth for helping him reach the right place and the right or timely treatment.

Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad