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Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana

Fortis Hospital Ludhiana

6 Kms from Samrala Chowk, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana, Punjab, 141010, India

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Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana came into operation in November 2013. It is one of the top-notch tertiary care hospitals that cater to the healthcare services of people residing in Ludhiana and nearby places. The hospital is a 259 bedded multispeciality hospital that comes well-equipped with the best infrastructure of laboratories, 6 Laminar Flow Operation Theatres,...
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Sudipto Rudra green_tickVerified User


This hospital's doctors and staff are both knowledgeable and professional, distinguishing it as one of the best in the region.
Keys Das green_tickVerified User


Everyone is encouraged to take part.
Mercy green_tickVerified User


Excellent Doctor with a Wide Range of Experience.
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Dr. Shivani Garg has completely satisfied me. Credihealth, we want to thank you.
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Doctor Who Is Great For kidney Issues.

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Patient Stories

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Akshat Malhotra


Akshat Malhotra is a resident of Ludhiana and is nearly 10 years old. He had to fight the symptoms of nighttime incontinence for nearly 2 years. The problem became so severe that he had to face the issues in his school. It led him to deject himself from the school activities. The activities that he used to enjoy earlier became a problem for him. He once had a humiliating moment in his school where he had to face the scolding of his teacher and at the moment he wetted his pants. He could not control the fear of the teacher and the symptoms arrived. The parents, who became serious about the health of the child, reached the doctors of Fortis Hospital Ludhiana.

How did Akshat receive help?

  • The child was given complete therapy for controlling the urinary bladder instead of urinating in the pants.

  • The child and the parents were given counseling regarding the Kegel therapy. They were informed that they can still fight the symptoms by avoiding water and using water-rich food instead.

  • The child, who went into depression because of the only incident in his school life, started losing hope about having an active lifestyle and a wonderful day at school.

  • The child was given therapies for using certain types of food. He was also informed to use sesame seeds and oils in food so that he could manage his bladder control.

Akshat Malhotra, who received each sort of help from the doctors of Fortis Hospital Ludhiana, developed confidence again in his life. He started receiving good opinions from his friends and schoolmates. He was told by many of his friend’s parents and teachers to control his bladder movement. Soon, he started gaining confidence that everything is possible through small discussions. He started gathering hope and received positive comments from the side of the school. He developed his performance at the school and got an increase in his grades.

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This is the story of Abhishek who had to go through minimally invasive surgery for the safety of his heart and the scratches he got on his chest. Abhishek is only 6 months old and was once playing in the corner of the house with his regular toys. His elder sister who was around 7 years old at that time came and picked Abhishek in her hands. The problem arose when while playing, the elder sister dropped Abhishek at the stairs and one of the stair fences compressed the chest of the baby. Abhishek developed a compressed and blue spot on the area of his chest with a few scratches. The parents were already in contact with Credihealth and they sought medical help by booking with Fortis Hospital Ludhiana.

How did Abhishek receive help?

  • Abhishek’s chest was compressed due to the injury after falling from the stairs. A six-month-old baby’s body is much more delicate and soft than we think or than we adults have.

  • The doctors had to apply surgery on the child as the child went to sleep for long hours immediately after the fall. The consistent sleeping of the child feared everyone in the house because the child did not react and did not cry at all.

  • The parents were informed about the condition of the child and the blood clot in the area of the chest that developed a blue spot in the place. It was an internal injury that caused the child to go to sleep immediately after the fall from the stairs.

  • The doctor informed the parents about the health of the child and told them that if the child does not awake within 24 hours, then there would be a chance of death.

Luckily, the child was able to respond within 17 hours after the surgery and he cried. The crying of the child sometimes signifies the normal activities or the normal functioning of babies. Crying when hurt and smiling when happy- are the two reactions that babies often show. But the case of Abhishek was somewhat different as he did not cry and immediately went to sleep.


Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana