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Fortis La Femme, Greater Kailash, New Delhi

Fortis La Femme, Greater Kailash, New Delhi

S- 549 , Greater Kailash - II, New Delhi, Delhi, 110048, India

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Fortis La Femme, Greater Kailash II, functioning under the umbrella of the Fortis Healthcare Group, is a specialized and unique facility which offers healthy lifestyle advocacy to women. Established in the year 2004, the core of the hospital revolves around ministering efficient health care services to women. The hospital caters to all the varied health needs of wo...
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Kulwinder Singh green_tickVerified User


As a result of treatment, the patient reports feeling better.
Bidhya Dhar Dey green_tickVerified User


Dr. Deepa Tayal gave me the care I needed.
Ayan Bordoloi green_tickVerified User


My Concerns Were Heard and Addressed With Care and Compassion.
Punaji green_tickVerified User


This Doctor Has Really Made a Difference.
Dr Amit Kumar Mahajan green_tickVerified User


A top expert in the field of general surgery, Dr. Deepa Tayal comes highly recommended.

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Patient Stories

Review User

Rajni Shah

New Delhi

Sometimes the severity of the medical conditions becomes your compulsion and all you need to do is say yes to everything!

This is the severe case of Rajni Shah, who is a resident of New Delhi and is nearly 50 years old. While at the age of 21, Rajni saw her mother fighting and then dying of breast cancer. It was a time when there were not so many sources for breast cancer. Also, the therapies required a lot of finances which was not bearable for everyone.

How did Rajni receive help?

  • Rajni, who was nearly 40 years old at the time, became conscious about her health after she saw whitish discharge coming from the nipples.

  • She was somewhere aware that she could get breast cancer like her mother and her grandmother who were both breast cancer survivors.

  • Seeing the severity of the case, Rajni was given help by Credihealth and was taken to Fortis La Femme Hospital which was near to her home.

  • Within no time, Rajni received the diagnosis and complete reports of her medical tests. She was given the best behavioral therapy by the doctors and was given the help to decide the next step.

  • Rajni received a needle biopsy and it was detected to be malignant. When she was informed, she went into trauma and started murmuring the story of her mother and grandmother.

  • Rajni was given emotional support by one of her doctors and she became thankful to the doctor for the early detection and saying that it was the early stage and could be treated timely.

  • Rajni received a double mastectomy which is one of the most aggressive medical therapy being given to any cancer survivor.

  • The Shah family, for whom the finances were not the major issue, had the procedure of the therapies complete in all ways.

Today, it has been 10 years and Rajni has received many such therapies like that double mastectomy for her malignant breast cancer. She is thankful to the doctors of Fortis La Femme that she survived and was able to stand by the side of her family.

Review User

Khan Chand Kapoor

New Delhi

This is the story of Khan Chand Kapoor, who was a well-known athlete of his time. He was a track field runner who received lots of appreciation, accolades, and awards during his whole life. He is also a restaurateur who has been working with his wife and three daughters to earn a livelihood. It was not so surprising to say that he had to travel 5km daily to reach his restaurant from his house. It is not like Khan Chand is not living a healthy life. Instead, sometimes he used to come back to the house while cycling all through the 5km route. But, the problem arose when he once noticed a change in his breathing level.

How did Khan Chand receive help?

  • Thinking that breathing issues can be a problem of growing old, Khan Chand went to the nearby general practitioner to discuss the things. However, the general practitioner referred him to a cardiologist at Fortis La Femme.

  • At the Fortis La Femme Hospital, Khan Chand received the luxurious facilities with all major tests done in one day. He was happy to receive such a warm welcome and the quick services from the side of the hospital.

  • Seeing the reports of Khan Chand, doctors recommended him to have a heart transplant. Thinking that breathing issues can be the reason for a heart transplant, Khan Chand asked for the reason.

  • The doctor appears to suggest to him that he was going through a rare disease called amyloidosis, the condition where a kind of protein starts affecting the heartbeat and the blood flow to the heart. This can lead to many severe heart diseases if not treated in time.

  • On the other hand, Khan Chand had his name enlisted in the list of heart transplants and started taking medications until his name was announced.

Meanwhile, Khan Chand went to receive a second opinion through the medium of Credihealth and asked for the help of the best possible doctor. Again, with the help of the best cardiologist in India, he received the best treatment and came to know that the reports were right and that he was going through that particular disease. Khan Chand had his name registered in various hospitals for a heart transplant. Within a year, he received the right match for a heart transplant from an old personality who was already living at a tender age but with a healthy heart. With the permission of both the families, Khan Chand received a heart transplant and got his health in safe hands.

New Delhi
Fortis La Femme, Greater Kailash, New Delhi