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Fortis Medical Centre, Kolkata

Fortis Medical Centre, Kolkata

2/7, Sarat Bose Road, Opp. Mintu Park, Bhowanipore, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700020, India

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4.75 (146 Reviews)
Based on feedback received from individuals who have booked appointments through Credihealth
Established in 1989, Fortis Medical Centre located in Kolkata is a multi speciality hospital offering a wide spectrum of advanced medical treatments to its patients. Fortis Medical Centre offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and is technologically up to date. It has a great team of qualified doctors available around the clock and emergency services. Staff members...
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Tarun Khajuria green_tickVerified User


Excellent Eye Specialist.
Sushma green_tickVerified User


The team's first aid work was superb.
Mamta green_tickVerified User


Team members in good health and willing to work together. They both have a kind and caring demeanour toward their patients; he is an exceptional medical practitioner. Because of her intelligence and expertise, he has my respect.
Koustav Das green_tickVerified User


Superbly organised and efficient medical facility.
Mrs. Nirmal Kaur green_tickVerified User


Doctor who is both polite and highly competent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the hospital offer ambulance service to the patient?

A: Yes, you get an ambulance service and a team of the emergency squad.

Q: Is there any facility for blood bank service?

A: Yes,  Fortis Medical Centre, Kolkata, has a dedicated branch for the blood bank.

Q: Is the hospital equipped with advanced technology?

A: Yes, the hospital has a modern technology facility in each department. 

Q: Where can I get treatment for a heart problem?

A: You can book an appointment with the cardiologist at Fortis Medical Center, Kolkata, through Credihealth.

Q: Is there a provision for parking at the hospital?

A: Yes, there is adequate parking space available for the outpatient and visitors. 

Q: Which diagnostic tests are available at the hospital?

A: Blood, urine, stress, screening, and imaging are some tests.

Q: Is there an ATM facility on the hospital premises?

A: Yes, there is an ATM facility on the hospital premises for patients and visitors. 

Q: Does the hospital have an Oncology department?

A: Yes,  Fortis Medical Centre, Kolkata, has a dedicated department for oncology. 

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Patient Stories

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Sonia Bajaj


Sonia Bajaj is nearly 16 years old and studying in 11th grade. She once complained of severe headaches and other symptoms that marked the beginning of her unhealthy life. She received consultation from one of the nearby doctors. The doctor asked for the blood tests and got the tests done within a few days. After receiving the tests, the doctor came to know that nothing was wrong with the reports of the child. After a month, Sonia started receiving similar symptoms. This time the family went for help to the Fortis Medical Centre.

How did Sonia receive help?

  • Sonia, who had her tests completed within a day, got relaxed with the facilities of the Fortis Medical Centre. Her parents were consoled that everything would be right with the child and that the child will receive the best possible help.

  • With the help of a few blood tests and a CT scan, it was detected that Sonia was going through a fist-sized brain tumor.

  • It was shocking for the parents and the doctors both as they questioned her survival and being detected with a brain tumor at such a young age.

  • The parents of Sonia who became conscious of her health, did everything to let their daughter receive the best medical help.

  • Within the presence of the dietician, neurologist, and cancer doctors, Sonia received her chemotherapy for the tumor.

  • She had her small session of surgery which had the doctors make an incision on her forehead and remove the tumor.

  • After a stay in the hospital for nearly 5 days, Sonia had her surgery done successfully and her recovery time done in the hospital. 

Although Sonia had to repeat her educational practices in the same grade for another year, she had her therapies done with the successful removal of the tumor. She is now happy to receive the help and kind patience from the side of doctors. She is still studying in 11th grade but this time, she is hoping to receive the highest scores.

Review User



Nasrat is around 15 years old and she was immediately rushed to nearby Fortis Medical Centre through the medium of Credihealth when her mother found her in an unconscious state lying down on the floor with vomiting all around the floor. Nasrat was losing weight over the last two weeks which was considerably visible to everyone who knew her for years. She was also avoiding food and was not taking her proper diet.


How did Nasrat receive help?

  • Nasrat was informed by the doctor that she would have to take care of her food, diet, appetite, and other things.

  • On asking, the doctor explained to the parents that Nasrat was going through Type 1 diabetes which often attacks children with issues in insulin production.

  • This is one of the lifelong diseases, which creates no way to get out of the medications and lead a normal life like other people.

  • If you are going through Type 1 diabetes, you will have to take immediate injections, and coordinate with your dietician to look after your cholesterol, diabetes, carbohydrates, and diet of other nutrients.

  • It is one of the deadly diseases that often require people to think if they could start a family or not or if they could have a few carbohydrates or not.

  • In the childhood stage, everyone loves to eat tasty and sizzling food. But in the case of Nasrat, she had to take care of her food consumption every time she went to the school canteen.

  • However, with the help of rehabilitation programs of the Fortis Medical Centre and the immediate help of executives of Credihealth, Nasrat and her family were able to fight the disease.

Fortis Medical Centre, Kolkata