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HCG EKO Cancer Centre, Kolkata

HCG EKO Cancer Centre, Kolkata

Plot no.- DG-4, Premises, 03-358, Street Number 358, DG Block, Action Area I, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700156, India

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OPD Timings:

Mon - Sat09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

HCG EKO Cancer Centre is a 90 bedded speciality hospital in the prime location of Kolkata. With experts in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as trained nurses and allied staff, the cancer centre has built a name for itself. The hospital is equipped with high-end diagnostic and treatment equipment, including PET-CT scan, X-ray, sonography, colour ...
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Rajendra Kadam green_tickVerified User


When I was shattered after hearing about my son’s blood cancer, Dr. Rajeev Sharan stood boldly with me. He interacted regularly with me about the diagnostic tests and necessary treatments. It was planned that surgical intervention and chemotherapy will be provided to him.
B P Mandal green_tickVerified User


I could witness the severe pain of my aunt due to cervical cancer. After we rushed her to Dr. Rajeev Sharan’s clinic immediate operation was recommended. Everything got arranged accordingly and the doctor brought her back to life again.
Ahmar Rehman green_tickVerified User


I am a cancer survivor and I thank Dr. Rajeev Sharan for his efforts and time. He looked into my ovarian cancer surgery and attained my general health concerns too. Most of the time, he focused on my diet and other activities for fast recovery.
Radhika Soni green_tickVerified User


I am Afreen Sheikh, the only daughter of my parents. Just about a year ago, my condition went bad because of blood cancer. Allah sent Dr. Rajeev Sharan for my help. Extending my thanks to this doctor I pray for his hood health too.
Akash green_tickVerified User


Dr. Rajeev Sharan treated my breast cancer before 10 months only. He is an excellent oncologist and carries a patient-friendly attitude. Due to his regular care, my condition got improved within a few months after surgery only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are second opinion on cancer treatment and biopsy results available at HCG hospital Kolkata?

A: Yes, the second opinion on cancer treatment and biopsy results are available at HCG hospital.

Q: What is the full address for HCG Hospital Kolkata?

A: The complete address is Plot DG-4, Premises no. 03-358, New Town, Kolkata - 700156.

Q: What are the OPD timings for HCG EKO Cancer Centre, Kolkata?

A: The OPD timings are from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Q: Does the hospital have radiation therapy services?

A: Yes, HCG EKO Cancer Centre, Kolkata has radiation therapy services.

Q: What modes of payment does the hospital accept?

A: HCG EKO Cancer Centre, Kolkata accepts cash, master card, visa card, debit and credit card.

Q: Is the HCG Hospital Kolkata open for International Patients?

A: Yes, HCG Hospital Kolkata has a team for individuals from overseas, seeking medical help in India

Q: Does the HCG hospital have operation theatres?

A: Yes, HCG EKO Cancer Centre, Kolkata has high-end operation theatres.

Q: What speciality does the hospital cater to?

A: HCG EKO Cancer Centre, Kolkata caters to Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Bone marrow Treatment and Radiation Oncology.

Q: What are the other patient services available at HCG EKO Cancer Centre, Kolkata?

A: Patient services include pharmacy services, ambulance, OT services, dietary service, blood bank and radiology & imaging services.

Q: How far is the hospital from the nearest airport?

A: HCG EKO Cancer Centre, Kolkata is 11 km away from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport.

Q: What is the bed strength of HCG hospital, Kolkata?

A: The hospital has a capacity of 90 beds.

Patient Stories

Review User

Mr. Milon Basu


Milon Basu is a 45 years old man living in Kolkata. He used to smoke continuously with his friends from his college days. He had a habit of consuming alcohol occasionally. Still, the person was unaware of the cancer-causing chemicals that his body was receiving. After some time, Milon started to become too weak and tired without any reason. 

How did Milon receive help?

  • As Milon turned weak day by day, he began taking vitamin capsules to strengthen himself. But, the man refused to have any food after a few days due to a loss of appetite.

  • Milon’s Friend, Sonkhu took this matter seriously and asked him to consult a medical specialist. The friend accompanied Milon to the doctor’s chamber.

  • The doctor asked a few questions about the patient’s health condition and asked him to go for diagnostic tests. The tests were done and Milon was diagnosed with Lung Cancer.    

  • The patient’s friend browsed Credihealth to book an appointment with HCG EKO Cancer Centre, Kolkata for his ailing friend. He viewed the medical facilities and arranged a vacant bed for Milon.

  • Here, a medical oncologist was there to treat the patient. The oncologists ordered a few more diagnostic tests to know the stage, location, and severity of the cancer.   

  • After 5 to 7 days, Milon was operated on by Onco-surgeons. They also prescribed him certain medications.

The patient was kept in the hospital for a few days to monitor his health. Afterward, he was discharged and asked to follow certain lifestyle changes. His family is grateful to Credihealth as well as the medical team for supporting him at this point in time.

HCG EKO Cancer Centre, Kolkata