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Manipal Hospital, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Manipal Hospital, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Formerly Columbia Asia Hospital, Kolkata

IB-193IB-193, Broadway Rd, IB Block, Sector III, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700091, India

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Located in the upmarket locality, Manipal Hospital Salt Lake is a multi super-specialty institute. It is a division of the globally acknowledged Manipal chain of hospitals. The 100 bedded hospital is operational for the past 11 years. The hospital aims to be a one-stop destination for paramount healthcare. The hospital is inclusive of well-equipped facili...
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Reliable doctor.
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Excellent medical care
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Patient Stories

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This is the story of Monishita, who had to go through various surgeries in her infancy stage. It was the time when she was still in her mother’s womb and her mother was told that she would have to deliver the child prematurely because of certain complications with the baby in the womb. After seeking the shocking news, the parents of Monishita agreed on giving birth to their child prematurely. Being the first child in their family, the family accepted that they will live like an ideal family and will stay together forever happily. But no one could imagine that they would ever have to face such an issue with a newborn. The newborn Monishita had to go through heart complications since birth.


How did Monishita receive help?

  • Monishita was only two months old when she had to go through respiratory distress and her parents rushed to nearby Manipal Hospital Salt Lake, Kolkata where they had the delivery of the child through the medium of Credihealth.

  • After seeking the information, the parents got to know that in such severe cases either the child is born dead or there can be chances of a short span of life.

  • But the young girl Monishita survived both the factors and proved the doctors wrong as she became 19 years old today and feels thankful to the doctors of Manipal Hospital Salt Lake, Kolkata for helping her and saving her life.

Monishita, who underwent multiple surgeries during her teenage years because of respiratory distress, now dreams of becoming a cardiologist like the doctors who impacted her life so severely. She still dreams of becoming a successful person in her life so that she could have the same impact on others' lives. The parents of Monishita were totally amazed to see the growth in their child. Since she was the first child of the family, the family had certain expectations from their only child. They were shocked after seeing the health of the baby when she could not even weigh around 5 kg during her birth and now has grown to around 50 kg and a young adult.


Manipal Hospital, Salt Lake, Kolkata