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Best Cancer Hospital in Ahmedabad

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HCG Cancer Centre

Sola Science City Road, Off S G Highway, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380060, India


Speciality Single Speciality Hospital

Apollo Hospitals City Centre

1, Tulsibaug Society, Opposite Doctor House, Near Parimal Garden, Ellisbridge, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380006, India

Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital


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Everything I expected from Doctor Service has been provided.
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About Best Cancer Hospital in Ahmedabad

The oncology department of a cancer hospital is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and associated treatment such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and other modalities. Cancer is a fatal illness in which a tumor forms in any area of the body. This tumor is the result of unregulated cell division. Cancer has the potential to be cured if detected and treated at an early stage. As a result, early identification and therapy of cancer are critical.

Various cancer hospital in Ahmedabad are well-known for providing excellent patient care and clinical outcomes to patients. A Cancer Doctor in Ahmedabad collaborates with surgeons to plan and provide therapy. The team's efforts assist the patient in receiving excellent treatment and the highest possible quality of life. A team of oncologists at the cancer hospital collaborate with other health professionals from many disciplines to offer coordinated and interdisciplinary treatment to cancer patients.

Diagnostic imaging tests offered at the top cancer hospital in Ahmedabad

A medical oncologist can perform several imaging tests to help detect cancer based on its location in the body. Best cancer hospital in Ahmedabad that you choose for cancer diagnosis must have cutting-edge technology for accurate test results for early detection of the disease.

  • Barium swallow or barium enema - The screening method may be used to detect malignant abnormalities in a patient's throat or esophagus. During this technique, a barium solution is swallowed orally, and X-rays are obtained. Similarly, a barium enema may be used to examine the colon and rectum. Before taking X-rays, your doctor will administer the solution using a small tube.

  • Bone scan - A tiny quantity of radioactive dye may be administered intravenously before nuclear imaging is used to study the bone on a cellular level for malignant alterations to help detect cancer that has progressed to the bone.

  • Computed tomography (CT) scan - This is one of the most routinely utilized imaging techniques for cancer detection. CT scans produce accurate pictures that aid in the detection and localization of cancer.

  • DEXA (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) scan - This scan measures bone mineral density to assist doctors in determining your overall bone health and function.

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - This test creates pictures of your interior organs using radiofrequency radiation. MRIs aid your care team in detecting malignant tissue and are commonly used in cancer diagnosis.

  • Mammography - The cancer screening tests are used to identify breast cancer and use a low-dose X-ray to create pictures of your breast tissue, allowing your doctor to see any abnormalities.

  • Nuclear medicine imaging - During the technique, a tiny quantity of radioactive dye is administered orally, intravenously, or by inhalation, followed by the use of a camera to capture detailed pictures of interior structures. This imaging technique aids in detecting malignancies of the brain, breast, bladder, kidney, thyroid, liver, lung, and bone.

  • Ultrasound - Ultrasounds are commonly used to identify cancer because they employ high-frequency sound waves to create pictures of your interior organs. These tests enable your doctor to see inside your body in real-time, recording organ activity and function.

  • X-ray - This imaging test is performed on many body parts to identify, stage, and treat cancer. X-rays create pictures by emitting high-energy electromagnetic radiation.

Cancer treatment methods at the best cancer hospital in Ahmedabad

- Cancer is treated in various methods, depending on the individual's medical condition and kind of cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are two common therapies. Surgical and biological therapy are two more options.

Treatment is a procedure that is tailored to the needs of numerous cancer patients. Doctors arrange therapies based on a variety of criteria, including the kind and stage of cancer and the patient's age, health, and lifestyle. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you must understand a cancer hospital's and doctor's involvement in the treatment process.

  • Surgery for cancer treatment – When used to treat cancer, surgery is a technique in which a surgeon removes cancer from your body.

  • Radiation therapy – During the procedure, a cancer doctor in Ahmedabad uses high-energy radiation to destroy or shrink cancer cells, tumors, and disorders that are not malignant.

  • Chemotherapy - Anticancer medications are used to shrink or destroy malignant cells and prevent cancer from spreading to other regions of the body.

  • Hormone therapy - Use of supplementary hormones to slow or halt tumor development or spread. The hormone treatment you receive is determined by various criteria, including the type and size of your tumor, your age, the presence of hormone receptors on the tumor, and others.

  • Blood and bone marrow transplant - A specialist treatment in which healthy bone marrow cells are transferred into a patient after their diseased bone marrow has been removed.

  • Biologic therapy - Treatment using compounds produced naturally in the body or capable of inhibiting the development of cancer cells.

How Credihealth can help – There are several cancer hospital in Ahmedabad that do cost-effective and efficient biopsies. If you have cancer, you should go to the top cancer hospital in Ahmedabad to get an appropriate diagnosis. Credihealth can assist you in locating the best cancer hospital in India if you are unable to settle on cancer treatment or diagnostic choice. Also, Credihealth can guide you to choose the best oncologist in Ahmedabad. Individuals searching for further medical services such as home attendant care, online medicine ordering, appointment scheduling, tele & video consultation, and various other services may find them all on Credihealth.

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Patient Stories

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Mr Yashpal Ravani


Sixty-seven-year-old Yashpal Ravani from Ahmedabad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and suffered from chest pain. His son, Mahir, contacted Credihealth with the hope of getting some hospital recommendations for his sick father.He was in dire need of the best cancer hospital in Ahmedabad.

Value Added (Making care reach everyone) : 

· The medical expert made it a point to collect the patient's medical records for booking a reputed surgical oncologist. They needed the same for calculating the treatment's expense. Then, the medical experts cooperated with the hospital manager to arrange a hospital bed as per their requirements. This cooperation aided Mr. Yashpal Ravani in getting treatment in a short period.

· Our medical expert discussed the patient's troubling health condition with the hospital's manager. After some time, the hospital's manager assisted the patient's son with the entire admission procedure. The medical expert gave some counseling sessions to his son and succeeded in negotiating a sizable discount for treatment purposes.

Mr. Yashpal Ravani has improved his health over time. His son is very grateful to Credihealth's team for the act of kindness and support during the difficult time at such a critical phase to make lung cancer surgery happen successfully.

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