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Best Cancer Hospitals in India

You can easily connect with a top Cancer Hospitals in India, who can provide advanced treatment and caring support for your surgical oncology concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly searched FAQs on Cancer Hospitals in India.


Does radiation therapy hurt?

No. To receive external radiation treatments is painless, just like having an X-ray.


What does chemotherapy do?

Depending on your type of cancer and how advanced it is, chemotherapy can cure cancer, control cancer or ease cancer symptoms. Chemotherapy prevents cancer from spreading, helps in slowing its growth or destroys cancer cells that have spread to other parts of your body.


Which type of cancer is curable?

Typically, curable cancer may include prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, melanoma, and breast cancer.


What made a cancer patient go to the hospital?

Here, a cancer patient goes to the hospital after undergoing pain, nausea, fever, and shortness of breath.


Which is the best cancer hospital in India?

Some of the best cancer hospitals in India may include the following: Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai Apollo Specialty Hospital, Chennai All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi The Cancer Institute, Chennai


Where can you find the best cancer hospital in India?

You can find the best cancer hospital in India through Credihealth.


What are the Complications and preventions of Cancer?

Cancer is a scary disease which can be cured by using different methods. It may cause several complications like: Pain Fatigue Difficulty breathing Nausea Diarrhea or constipation Weight loss Chemical changes in your body Brain and nervous system problems Unusual immune system reactions to cancer Cancer that spreads Cancer that returnsCancer treatment is very painful. Keep yourself healthy to prevent cancer. The doctors have identified some ways to reduce cancer risk, such as: Maintain a healthy weight Exercise most days of the week Eat a healthy diet Avoid excessive sun exposure Stop smoking Schedule cancer screening exams Ask your doctor about immunizations


Is Cancer Curable in India?

Few years back, the situation is very alarming. At that time, every fourth person is suffering from cancer. India registers more than 11 lakh cases of cancer every year. A question always arises in our mind, Is cancer curable? Yes, it can be cured. Even all cancers are curable if they get the right diagnosis and treatment at the right time. It can be removed by using different ways: Remove it surgically Using chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and other types of cancer-specific medication Radiation TherapyFew years ago, people choose to visit out of India for the treatment of cancer because Indian hospitals and specialists are not capable of treating cancer. Now the scenario has changed. The screening and treatment provided by the best cancer hospitals in India are excellent.


What are the subspecializations of an oncologist?

There are different types of cancer found in the human body. Every cancer is different and needs different treatment. Therefore the oncology is further divided into three parts including: Medical oncologist: The specialist who diagnoses and treats cancer in adults are Medical oncologist. They generally use Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Hormone Therapy, and Targeted Therapy. Radiation oncologist: Radiation Oncologist uses radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer. The high dosage of radiation is used to kill cancer cells. Surgical oncologist: Surgical oncologist is a trained surgeon who uses surgery to treat cancer. The surgeon removes cancer from the body with the help of surgery.

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