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Best Cancer Hospital in Kolkata

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Medica Superspecialty Hospital

127 Mukundapur, E.M Bypass, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700099, India

Speciality Super Speciality Hospital

AMRI Hospitals

JC - 16 & 17, Sector III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700098, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

AMRI Hospital

Plot No 4/5, Block No A, Scheme L11, Dhakuria Gariahat Road, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700042, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

AMRI Hospital

230, Barakhola Lane, Purba Jadavpur, Mukundapur, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700099, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

HCG EKO Cancer Centre

Plot no.- DG-4, Premises, 03-358, Street Number 358, DG Block, Action Area I, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700156, India

Speciality Single Speciality Hospital


Rajendra Kadam green_tickVerified User


When I was shattered after hearing about my son’s blood cancer, Dr. Rajeev Sharan stood boldly with me. He interacted regularly with me about the diagnostic tests and necessary treatments. It was planned that surgical intervention and chemotherapy will be provided to him.
B P Mandal green_tickVerified User


I could witness the severe pain of my aunt due to cervical cancer. After we rushed her to Dr. Rajeev Sharan’s clinic immediate operation was recommended. Everything got arranged accordingly and the doctor brought her back to life again.
Ahmar Rehman green_tickVerified User


I am a cancer survivor and I thank Dr. Rajeev Sharan for his efforts and time. He looked into my ovarian cancer surgery and attained my general health concerns too. Most of the time, he focused on my diet and other activities for fast recovery.
Radhika Soni green_tickVerified User


I am Afreen Sheikh, the only daughter of my parents. Just about a year ago, my condition went bad because of blood cancer. Allah sent Dr. Rajeev Sharan for my help. Extending my thanks to this doctor I pray for his hood health too.
Akash green_tickVerified User


Dr. Rajeev Sharan treated my breast cancer before 10 months only. He is an excellent oncologist and carries a patient-friendly attitude. Due to his regular care, my condition got improved within a few months after surgery only.
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Cancer Hospital in Kolkata for Cancer Treatment

The life-threatening disease of cancer is defined as the abnormal and uncontrolled development of tissue that can infiltrate surrounding normal tissues and spread to locations far away from the site of the original tumor or other organs.

The oncology department at a cancer hospital offers a unique and comprehensive cancer care program, which follows a trans-disciplinary and multimodality approach in adult and pediatric oncology, among other specialties. With super-sub-specialists in the fields of Medical Oncology, Haematology (adult and pediatric), Radiation Oncology, specialized Onco surgery, and bone marrow transplantation, the oncology department provides extensive medical programs. The department is dedicated to staying abreast of the most recent developments in Oncology to offer patients the best possible care. Best Cancer hospitals in Kolkata include a team of oncologists that ensure treatment for all types of cancer.

Cancer Screening programs offered at hospitals

Screening tests are intended to detect illness in its early stages before it manifests itself with symptoms. People who may be at higher/greater risk of contracting a specific disease due to their age, gender, or other characteristics are offered screening tests to determine their risk. Various Top Cancer hospitals in Kolkata provide different types of cancer screening facilities to prevent the cancerous cell from occurring or catching it in its earliest and most curable stage.

  • Mammogram – The screening test helps to detect the possibility of breast cancer in a patient. The test also determines breast cancer cells at the initial stage. 
  • Colonoscopy - If you are 50 years or older or have a family history of colorectal cancer, scheduling a screening colonoscopy is the most effective approach to minimize your chance of developing the disease.
  • Low-Dose CT scan – Cancer hospital in Kolkata uses Low-dose CT scans through Advocate, a revolutionary new technology that can detect lung cancer earlier than ever before. During this straightforward procedure, an X-ray scanner scans the entire body, exposing it to modest amounts of radiation to provide comprehensive images of the lungs.
  • Prostate Cancer Screening - Hospitals in Kolkata provide standard screenings, such as a prostate-screening antigen (PSA) blood test, which checks for increased protein levels that may signal the presence of cancerous cells in the prostate gland. In addition, a digital rectal exam (DRE) may be performed by a cancer specialist to look for abnormalities in the prostate.
  • Cervical Cancer Screening - A frequent Pap test is one of the most effective ways to prevent or identify cervical cancer early. The Pap test can be used to detect abnormalities in the cervix that might indicate the presence of cancer. 
  • Endometrial (Uterine) Cancer Screening – Women with or at high risk for hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer (HNPCC) should be screened for endometrial cancer every year, with endometrial biopsy starting at the age of 35, starting with their first period.

The symptoms of cancer differ depending on where the disease strikes in the patient's body. But an odd lump or sore, regardless of where it is located on the body, should be reported to the oncologist immediately, who can then arrange for additional tests and hospital consultations.

Advanced cancer treatment option at Cancer Hospitals Kolkata

A team of oncologists provides advanced and innovative cancer treatment to treat, manage and control cancer with a wide range of therapies, medication, and surgery methods. These treatment methods aim to destroy or kill and shrink the size of cancer. If the treatment is no longer effective in treating the disease, the doctor may also provide palliative treatment to the patient. Following are the advanced cancer treatment offered at the top cancer hospital in Kolkata – 

  • Radiation therapy - In the case of cancer, radiation treatment can aid in the destruction of cancer cells. Radiation therapy may be used to treat cancer in two ways: first, kill the tumor, and second, shrink the tumor.
  • External beam radiation - The prostate gland is radiated using a machine. It can be performed either at a hospital or a clinic. For a period of 6 to 8 days, the radiation is given.

  • Brachytherapy - Small seeds of radiation are introduced into prostate cancer with the use of a needle. Over time, the seeds release radiation from within the prostate gland in a slow and controlled manner.

  • Chemotherapy – The type of cancer treatment, chemotherapy, includes using drugs to slow the development of cancer cells. A doctor may use Medications including docetaxel and prednisone. The therapy is used to treat advanced prostate cancer that has not progressed to other organs.

  • Surgery - Surgery is the initial therapeutic method used to help remove the malignant tissue from the patient's body. The best Cancer hospital in Kolkata uses advanced technology surgical treatment to treat cancer at the initial stage.
  • Hormone Therapy - The testosterone hormone may promote cancer cell development in the body. Hormone therapy reduces or stops the body's testosterone production, which slows or stops cancer cell proliferation. Hormone therapy involves providing the patient with medicine in the form of tablets or injections. 

Prostate cancer hormone therapy is frequently combined with radiation or surgery for various cancer patients. It can also be used as an individual treatment option for multiple types of cancer.

How Credihealth can help - Finding or choosing the best cancer hospital in Kolkata for Cancer treatment can be more complicated than fighting cancer. Credihealth helps you to make your search easy and hassle-free with its excellent services in healthcare. You can choose a hospital and doctor on Credihealth depending on patient reviews, facility, services, consultation fee, location, etc. It is extremely straightforward to browse the doctor's list and subsequent treatment costs that appear highly user-friendly on Credihealth based on the patient's reviews and associated charges. People may even sort by their desired location to find the finest best cancer hospitals in their area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What factors affect the fee structure of cancer hospitals in Kolkata?

A: Many factors may hamper the fees of cancer hospitals in Kolkata. The fee structure may depend on facilities provided in the cancer hospital in Kolkata, the age of the patient, the severity of the case or medical issue, and the overall health or the requirement for frequent treatments.

Q: How can I find a reliable cancer hospital in Kolkata?

A: You can go through the website of Credihealth, where you will find a plethora of options to choose from. You can either consider having an online consultation with the doctor near to your residence or can visit the hospital after booking an appointment.

Q: Do the cancer specialty doctor vary from category to category?

A: Yes, different categories describe the treatment from the particular cancer doctor. There can be radiation cancer doctors, surgery cancer doctors, urology cancer doctors, pediatric cancer doctors, or others.

Q: Do the fees of cancer hospitals in Kolkata vary from hospital to hospital?

A: Yes, the fees of cancer hospitals in Kolkata vary from hospital to hospital.

Q: What are the common causes of cancer?

A: Various factors such as addiction to cigarettes and alcohol, Long-term radiation treatment or sun exposure, family history of cancer, etc., may cause cancer.

Q: Is it possible for cancer to go away on its own?

A: Cancer does not go away on its own. It requires aggressive therapy or treatment to achieve remission. It is preferable if the condition is detected and treated early on since this dramatically increases the chances of remission.

Q: What imaging services are offered at cancer hospitals in Kolkata?

A: Different Advanced imaging services, including CT, X-Ray, mammography, color doppler, and sonography, etc., are offered at a cancer hospital in Kolkata.

Q: Does radiotherapy cause side effects?

A: A patient may experience Headaches, Hair loss, Nausea, Vomiting, Extreme tiredness (fatigue), Hearing loss, Skin and scalp changes, Trouble with memory, and speech complications after the radiation therapy.

Q: How Can I find the best hospital or doctor for cancer treatment in Kolkata?

A: Credihealth can help you to find the best hospital or doctor for cancer treatment in Kolkata.

Patient Stories

Review User

Koel Nag


Sixteen years old, Koel Nag from Kolkata was diagnosed with blood cancer and needed chemotherapy. Her father, Mihir Nag contacted Credihealth for getting a doctor’s recommendation in Kolkata for her treatment.

How Credihealth Helped:

· The medical expert took a note of the medical history of the patient and suggested the nearby hospital’s name as per the patient’s preference. They talked about the total expenses of the entire treatment procedure as well.

· Simultaneously, the medical experts looked out for a renowned surgical oncologist for diagnosing Koel Nag. The treatment was made accessible to the patient on an urgent basis for curing the patient in extreme distress. Further, a cancer hospital in Kolkata was searched for treating the patient as soon as possible.

· After the entire treatment procedure, Koel Nag’s family became concerned about the complete treatment expense. The medical expert coordinated with the hospital’s management as well as Credihealth’s internal team and helped in securing a sizeable discount for the full treatment procedure.

Mr. Koel Nag has started the process of Chemotherapy with Fortis Hospital, Kolkata. Even, the patient’s recovery process has sped up. Her family is enough thankful to Credihealth's team for the effortless services and guidance provided in such a difficult moment at such a problematic phase to make blood cancer treatment happen successfully. Ultimately, the family is entirely grateful to the Credihealth team. 

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