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Best Oncology Hospitals in Kolkata

The best oncology Hospital in Kolkata has been recognized for its cancer treatment for decades. The hospitals have state-of-the-art infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and a top team of oncologists. All the specialties required are available in the Oncology Hospitals in Kolkata, like endocrinology, neurosurgery, and nephrology, along with bone marrow transplants, urology, emergency treatments, and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly searched FAQs on Medical Oncology Hospitals in Kolkata.


What does oncology mean?

As a scientific field, oncology is defined as the study of tumors and cancers. Onco denotes bulk, mass, or tumor, and -logy implies study in the word.


What issues do patients with cancer face?

When a cancer diagnosis is given, the patient faces many problems. Major worries include the dread of death, disfigurement, suffering, handicap, infertility, dependency, abandonment, altered relationships, financial hardship, and the medical and logistical elements previously mentioned.


How many medications for cancer are there?

In the US, 61 or more chemotherapy medications have received approval.


What are the three main subspecialties in oncology?

Medical oncology, radiation oncology, and surgical oncology are the three main subfields that comprise the oncology sector regarding treatments.


What types of oncology cases are most typical?

Cases of breast cancer are the most commonly occurring.

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