Best Cancer Hospital in Mumbai

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Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Rao Saheb Achutrao Patwardhan Marg, Four Bunglows, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400053, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Jaslok Hospital

15 - Deshmukh Marg, Pedder Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400026, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Global Hospital

35, D.E.Borges Road, Hospital Avenue Opp Shirodkar High school, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400012, India

Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Fortis Hospital

Mulund Goregaon Link Road, Mulund (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400078, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

HCG Apex Cancer Centre

Holy Cross Raod, IC Colony, , Off Borivali-Dahisar Link Rd, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400092, India


Speciality Single Speciality Hospital

S L Raheja Hospital

Raheja Rugnalaya Marg, Mahim (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400016, India


Speciality Super Speciality Hospital

Terna Speciality Hospital and Research Centre

Plot No.12, Sector 22, Opp. Nerul Railway Station, Phase-2, Nerul, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400706, India

Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital

Hill Side Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400076, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Wockhardt Super Speciality Hospital

The Umrao IMSR, Near Railway Station, Mira Road East, North Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 401107, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

HCG ICS Khubchandani Cancer Hospital

31 Queens Barracks, Maharishi Karve Road, Opposite Cooperage Football Ground, Cooperage, Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400021, India

Speciality Single Speciality Hospital


Kailash Chander green_tickVerified User


I made an appointment online and was pleased with the doctor.
Ashoka Ghosh green_tickVerified User


Dr. Amol Akhade is an outstanding physician, and I have complete faith in his care.
Maya Sinha green_tickVerified User


Dr. Amol Akhade is a really friendly doctor whom we would strongly recommend. It is a great cancer treatment facility.
Kazi Safikul Islam green_tickVerified User


Doctor's care was excellent.
Durgaiah green_tickVerified User


During our appointment, Dr. V Anand Naik advised everything concerning my health.
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Best Cancer Hospital in Mumbai

Cancer is a life-threatening disease caused when cells divide uncontrollably and spread to other tissue and organs. Types of cancer vary according to the kind of fluid or tissue from which they originate. It can also be categorized based on the part of the body where it first developed. Additionally, some types of cancer are mixed. The disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world every year, although the survival rate of early-stage diagnosis and treatment of the disease is appreciable. A cancer patient undergoes substantial mental ordeal, pressure, dilemma, fear, and anxiety. From finding a quality hospital to low-cost treatment, everything impacts hard on a patient’s mind.

Various top cancer hospital in Mumbai are available and are procuring cutting-edge technology and provide quality treatment at an affordable cost. In a hospital, the Oncology department deals with diagnostics and treatment of most types of cancer, development and implementation of preventive measures programs, and clinical research possibilities.

Different types of Cancer treatment Options

Cancer Hospital in Mumbai offers various treatment options. Cancer treatment options May depend on multiple factors such as the type and stage of your cancer, different health conditions & preference of a patient, and age of a patient. A few of the Cancer treatment options mentioned below are-

  • Surgery – The treatment is the surgical removal of the cancer tissues and tumors for the body.
  • Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy Kill or destroy the cancer cells with the help of drugs.
  • Radiation Therapy – This Type of cancer treatment uses high power energy beams, including X-rays or protons, to destroy or stop cancer cells’ growth.
  • Bone Marrow Transplant – Bone marrow is the material inside the human body that creates blood cells from blood stem cells. A bone marrow transplant considered a stem cell transplant, can use an individual’s bone marrow stem cell or a donor. In bone marrow transplants, high doses of chemotherapy are used to treat cancer.
  • Immunotherapy – The therapy, also known as biological therapy, uses the body’s immune system of a patient to fight cancer.
  • Hormone Therapy – Few types of cancer occurred in your body’s hormones. i.e., breast cancer and prostate cancer are caused by hormones in the human body. Thus, removing these hormones from the body or blocking their effects helps to stop growing cancer cells.
  • Targeted Drug Therapy – the type of cancer treatment that helps destroy specific abnormalities within cancer cells responsible for survival.
  • Radiofrequency ablation – This treatment uses electrical energy to heat cancer cells and kill them. During radiofrequency ablation, an oncologist inserts a thin needle through the skin and into cancer that passes high-frequency energy to destroy the cancer cells and tissue by heating.
  • Clinical trials – Clinical trials-based treatments are studies to investigate new ways of treating cancer. Various Cancer hospitals in Mumbai use clinic trials for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Credihealth can help find the best Cancer Hospital in Mumbai

Several Prestigious top cancer hospitals in mumbai that offer quality treatment at affordable cost are listed at Credihealth as a partner hospital. Credihealth, an online health portal, helps an individual find or book an appointment with the best hospital and doctor as per the patient’s requirement. You can choose a doctor that has specialization in treating a specific disease by viewing the necessary information like rating, reviews, overall experience, cost comparison, OPD Hours, treatment option, credibility, and many more. You can also request a second opinion or a consultation through Credihealth’s in-house medical experts by giving a call on 8010-994-994.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Do the oncologist and their categories vary from one designation to another?

Q: What factors affect the fee structure of any cancer hospital in Mumbai?

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Q: Do the fee structure for cancer hospitals in Mumbai vary?

Q: How can I predict that the oncologist I have chosen is the right option for me?

Patient Stories

Review User

Mrs. Natasha Thomas


Mrs. Natasha Thomas is a resident of Mumbai and somehow came in touch with Credihealth. She became desperate to seek a second opinion regarding the diagnosis of her breast cancer. Having the white discharge, tenderness, pain in one of the breasts, and losing hair growth became normal to her. Despite all these changes, she started losing her breast growth. While coming in contact with Credihealth, she was given the consultation of a Cancer hospital in Mumbai. Seeing the severity of the matter, the BD or medical experts of the team Credihealth, helped her by providing the consultation of the nearest hospital, so that she doesn't require to waste her time traveling.

Value-added services to each customer

  • When Natasha came in touch with Credihealth, she was given help in developing her medical history.

  • Although she was already aware that she was having breast cancer, she was given help regarding ordering medicines from the platform.

  • The medical experts of Credihealth also helped her by booking an appointment for online tele/video consultation with the best cancer doctor in Mumbai. It is one of the top-rated features of Credihealth to provide anyone with convenient facilities.

Today, Mrs. Natasha Thomas is fighting her breast cancer and it has been two months since she is in contact with the experts of Credihealth. She has come a long way in the journey of fighting her cancer and hopes she will survive in the future to tell the story to her mates. We wish her luck for her future and hope she will recover soon.

Review User

Mr. Chaitanya Singh


Sixty-two years old, Chaitanya Singh from Mumbai was diagnosed with brain cancer. His son, Chirag, went to Credihealth’s online portal to search for the best cancer hospital in Mumbai for his treatment. He immediately contacted Credihealth for treating his troubled father. They were looking out for one an Onco-surgeon at that very moment.

 Value Added (Making Care reach everyone) : 

 The medical expert took the pain to note down the complete medical history of the patient carefully and went ahead to search for a top oncologist. The patient needed immediate medical attention at that very moment. Then, the medical experts conversed with the hospital’s management for receiving the patient immediately in that very hospital. This coordination helped Mr. Singh to reach the best treatment means in no time.

Our medical expert had an important discussion with the hospital’s manager regarding the patient’s troubled health. After that, the Hospital’s manager met Chirag, the patient’s son for assisting him with the entire admission procedure. The internal team of Credihealth has kept in touch with the patient’s family constantly. They are looking forward to providing them with counseling sessions as well.

Mr. Chaitanya Singh is reflecting much improvement in his condition. His family is much happy with Credihealth's team for their contribution and assistance in such a problematic phase.

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