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12 Cancer Hospitals Available in Mumbai

You can easily connect with a top Cancer Hospitals in Mumbai, who can provide advanced treatment and caring support for your surgical oncology concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly searched FAQs on Cancer Hospitals in Mumbai.


Do the oncologist and their categories vary from one designation to another?

The oncologist can be of different categories including medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, urology oncologists, pediatric oncologists, and many more. The difference lies in the basis of their treatments.


What factors affect the fee structure of any cancer hospital in Mumbai?

Many factors hamper the fee structure of any cancer hospital in Mumbai and it may include the facilities provided by the hospital, the severity of the case, frequent visits to the hospital, the requirement to have frequent surgeries or treatments, the age, overall health of the patient and many more.


Can cancer be cured entirely?

Yes, timely detection and treatment can lead to the complete cure of some cancers.


How can I predict that the oncologist I have chosen is the right option for me?

You can have a few online or video consultations with the doctor at the initial stage. Later, you can ask for the hospital or clinic address where the particular oncologist is practicing. You can prepare yourself with a few questions to get answered by your oncologist. you can also check your comfort level with your oncologist.


What is the minimum fee structure for an oncologist in Mumbai?

The minimum price for an oncologist in Mumbai can be INR 20,000 to the maximum of INR 3.5 lac.


What is Cancer Screening?

Cancer Screening is a set of tests designed to identify whether an individual has cancer or not. The test includes Digital rectal examination, Pelvic examination, Breast self-examination, PAP test, Mammography, etc.


Does any pain occur in early-stage of cancer?

Partially, no, but in some, cancer may cause pain in their early stage.


Can cancer be diagnosed or treated early?

Yes, Cancers can be treated early and have better survival rates if it’s detected at initial or advanced stages.


What are the side effects of cancer surgery?

Likewise, other cancer treatments, cancer surgery has benefits, risks, and side effects. But all surgery side effects are temporary, often milder, and the patient usually recovers sooner.


Where Can I Find the best cancer hospital in Mumbai?

Credihealth, an online health portal, helps you find the best cancer hospital or doctor in Mumbai as per your needs.


How can I find a reliable cancer hospital in Mumbai?

You can get a consultation with an oncologist through the medium of Credihealth. The platform will help you with the listing of various hospitals in the place nearby your residence.


Do the fee structure for cancer hospitals in Mumbai vary?

Yes, the fee structure for cancer hospitals in Mumbai varies from one place to another.

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