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How Credihealth Made a Difference

Mrs Jeevani Anand (name changed), a 62 years old resident of Hyderabad hadn’t been feeling well for a couple of weeks. Her son contacted Credihealth for an appointment with an oncologist for Mrs Anand.

How We Helped:

  • Mrs Anand’s doctor recommended a PET scan but due to rush at the hospital, the family had to wait. The expert spoke with the SPOC and managed to arrange the scan and also got it done on an urgent basis.

  • The PET scan indicated breast cancer and Mrs Anand had to get admitted immediately, but no rooms were available at the hospital. The expert spoke with the SPOC and arranged for a hospital room the very next day.

  • The expert also helped solve some queries Mrs Anand had about their insurance. The expert coordinated with the insurance department and cleared all her doubts.

Mrs Anand got operated and discharged within a few days. She is doing much better now. Her son was extremely grateful to our medical expert for their dedication and help. He recommends Credihealth’s services to everyone.

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