Pacemaker Surgery in India

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medical tourism
4 Days in Hospital
7 Days Outside
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385 $
10% Extra

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Medical Treatment in India

Credihealth is a medical tourism company providing complete assistance for medical treatment in India. Our medical experts support international patients starting from airport pickup till hospital discharge.

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Top Doctors for Pacemaker Surgery in India

Connecting you to most reputed surgeons and doctors in India

Naresh Trehan
Naresh Trehan
Chairman and Managing Director - Heart Institute
credihealth Medanta The Medicity
credihealth 41 Years of Practice, 11 Awards
Praveer Aggarwal
Praveer Aggarwal
Director - Interventional Cardiology
credihealth Fortis Escorts Heart Institute
Nikhil Kumar
Nikhil Kumar
Director - Cardiology
credihealth Fortis Memorial Research Institute
credihealth 20 Years of Practice, 2 Awards

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We have collaborated with NABH & JCI accredited hospitals in India to ensure high quality and affordable treatment cost.

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Risk And Complication

Pacemaker Surgery is done to implant a pacemaker under the skin near the heart, to help control the heartbeat.

Pacemaker is a small instrument of the size of Indian 5 rupee coin. The main function of the instrument is to transmit electrical impulses which keep the heart beating at regular speed. It consists of two main parts, an electric pulse generator and electrodes that transmit the pulses to the heart. 

Implanted pacemaker continously monitor the heartbeats, and whenever the beating gets slower that natural, it sends electrical signals to speed up the beating. It keeps the heartbeat regular by creating and transmitting electric pulses at regular intervals of time. This compensates for the lack of electrical activity in the heart and keeps blood flow smooth.

Depending on number of electrodes used, there are 3 types of pacemakers.

  • Single Chamber: For carrying electrical signals from generator to the right ventricle of the heart.
  • Dual Chamber: Used to control control contractions of the heart, and carry signals to both right ventricle and right atrium.
  • Biventricular: Used, only in case of heart failure, to stimulate both left and right ventricles of the heart.

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Frequently Asked Question

Why should I choose India for my pacemaker surgery?

India provides some of the best and most experienced pacemaker surgery doctors across the world. Along with affordable treatment cost, medical tourism in India also provides traditional treatment options such as ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy and homeopathy. India is a go-to destination for citizens from Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Qatar, and Kuwait.

Why should I choose CrediHealth services for medical tourism in India?

Credihealth has designed a world class experience for patients coming for medical treatment in India. We have looked into every possible need and provide best treatment cost from top hospitals in India. it occurs in 3 stages-

Stage 1 Pre-Treatment – We connect you to top doctors in India depending on your case and arrange video consult with them, we also provide support for medical visa application along with managing your whole trip.

Stage 2 During Treatment- Once you’re in india we arrange airport pickup and take you to the already booked hotel, we promise a VIP experience for you which means easy processes, no waiting time and no queues. We also help you negotiate treatment cost with hospitals.

Stage 3 Post Treatment – You don’t need to fly back all the way from your home country for post treatment consult because we’ll arrange video consults with your doctor and will assist you in every medical query you might have from thereon.