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Anal Sphincter Repair Cost in India

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Abbas Khan green_tickVerified User


My wife underwent a Hernia and Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure with Dr. Gaurav Joshi. I had a lot of confidence in him throughout the difficult times because of the care and ease with which he handled the issue.
Naina Raturi green_tickVerified User


My father saw Dr. Chandrasekar Jothiraj for an intestinal ailment, and he thoroughly explained everything to him before starting therapy. As a result, my father is now beginning to recover and feel better.
Nandita Sinha green_tickVerified User


My problem was quite annoying, and it was ruining my day-to-day existence. Since receiving treatment from Dr. Chandrasekar Jothiraj and learning how to alter my lifestyle to avoid gastrointestinal troubles, my life has drastically transformed.
Jai Sri green_tickVerified User


Dr. Chandrasekar Jothiraj's efforts helped me find relief from the ailments I had been experiencing for around two years. He pursued my case up until every symptom was identified and addressed. After several stones were removed during a lap cholecystectomy, my symptoms finally subsided.
Rajeshwar Pandey green_tickVerified User


For the previous 10 days, my wife suffered an anal fissure, and we saw Dr. Gaurav Joshi. For a week, he gave prescriptions for some drugs. Within a week, it was healed. I sincerely appreciate it.

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Anal Sphincter Repair Cost