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Intestinal Fistula Repair Cost in India

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Venkataramaraju green_tickVerified User


I saw Dr. Kishore Reddy to get the cause of my mushy stool for the previous three months diagnosed. I now have some understanding of the IBS health issue and the recommended eating habits, and I hope the problem will be resolved quickly.
Sumalatha green_tickVerified User


Even my mother felt at ease during our interaction with Dr. Kishore Reddy. She went in with stomach-related problems and left with a big smile on her face and a lot of good energy.
Neha Banerjee green_tickVerified User


Dad had liver surgery last year and Dr. Kishore Reddy performed it nicely. Mostly, the encouraging words of the doctor was enough to convince him for the surgery. I liked the doctor very much.
P R Srivastava green_tickVerified User


Dr. Suresh Kumar was consulted for GI bleeding, and she extensively investigated the problem and our past medical history before recommending an endoscopy, various imaging tests, and blood transfusions.
Ankush Paul green_tickVerified User


have anal fissure and seen Dr. Raghavendra N. The surgeon made the procedure simple by having the patience to explain everything in detail. Dr. guided patients appropriately from day one, and even after surgery, he maintained contact via WhatsApp, phone calls, and in-person visits.

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Intestinal Fistula Repair Cost