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Heart rate is the number of heartbeats in 1 minute. The usual range of heart rate is between 60 to 100 beats. However, bradycardia is where the heart rate is below normal ranges. In this, you will understand the bradycardia symptoms, causes, treatment, whether bradycardia is dangerous, and many more.

Bradycardia Key Points
CausesNeurological disorders, anemia, sleep apnea
RemediesRest, reduce stress,
Preventive OptionsMonitoring, Avoid triggering factors, electrolyte imbalance
Treatment OptionsAtropine, Epinephrine, Beta blockers, Pacemakers

Bradycardia is when your heart rate is slower than 60 beats per minute. In that condition, a slow heart rate is hazardous to health. Sometimes in which, people get bradycardia when sleeping. It could be unusual for an individual because it could be fatal. In this condition, it keeps your heart pumping. However, it is inadequate to pump blood throughout the body. It has harmful effects.

Many people ask, is bradycardia dangerous? Bradycardia is a dangerous problem that slows the heart rate. It could not pump the blood to enrich the oxygen-rich blood that results from heart attack and impaired the heart.


Other Symptoms Associated with Bradycardia

Other Symptoms Associated with Bradycardia

There are many side effects when blood does not sufficiently reach the body's organs and tissues. It could affect the functionality of the body. It is visible that bradycardia could show any abnormality in the body. Let's look at the bradycardia symptoms given in the following.

  • Fatigue

  • Weakness

  • Shortness of breath

  • Spells of dizziness

  • Lightheadedness

  • Fainting

  • Exercise intolerance

  • Chest pain

  • Memory problems

  • Confusion

  • Dizziness

  • Agitation

  • Confusion

  • Difficulty concentration

Causes of Bradycardia

There are many potential reasons that bradycardia can cause damage to the heart muscle. It can interfere with the electrical activities of the heart. There are some examples related to heart-related conditions that can lead to bradycardia. All the causes are given in the following.

  1. Coronary heart disease is a condition where blood flow gets impaired.

  2. Heart attack in which the blood flow of the heart is completely cut off.

  3. Previous surgery

  4. Congenital heart condition where abnormalities are present at birth.

  5. Myocarditis is also the cause of heart swelling that causes infection or autoimmune disease.

  6. Pericarditis involves the inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart.

  7. Rheumatic fever has the potential complication of strep throat that can lead to heart disease.

  8. Damage to the heart's electrical system that leads to inflammation

  9. There could be an imbalance in the electrolyte imbalance.

  10. Hypothyroidism can cause the thyroid to produce too low a thyroid hormone level.

  11. Sleep apnea can cause breathing problems.

  12. Lyme disease, also known as borreliosis, impacts the heart.

  13. Sick Sinus syndrome is where the heart's natural pacemaker or SA node causes malfunction, which may lead to bradycardia.

  14. Heart block is when the heart's electrical system interrupts the block or slows down the electrical current. It can block the different points in the heart's electrical conduction system.

  15. Radiation therapy can also lead to bradycardia


Many people ask for the risk factors which are mentioned below.

  • Older Age

  • High blood pressure

  • Smoking

  • Heavy Alcohol use

  • Illegal drugs use

  • Stress and anxiety



  • Frequent fainting

  • The inability of the heart to pump

  • Cardiac arrest

Types of Bradycardia

There are a few types of bradycardia. This is because heart rhythm differs because of the underlying condition. This is the following reasons that are included in the table.


Types of bradycardiaDescription
Sinus bradycardiaWhen heart's natural pacemaker (the sinoatrial (SA) node) is not working properly
Atrioventricular blockThere is a problem with the electrical signals that travel from the atria to the ventricles
Sick sinus syndromeThe heart's natural pacemaker is not working properly
Drug-induced bradycardiaMedications can slow the heart rate
Idiopathic bradycardiaThe cause of the slow heart rate is unknown
Secondary bradycardiaAn underlying condition is causing the slow heart rate
Congenital heart blockPeople are born with a slow heart rate due to a problem


Conditions that cause Bradycardia

There are many ways that it could lead to bradycardia. All the medical conditions are given in the following.

  • Heart Attack

  • Heart Failure

  • Coronary Artery Disease

  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

  • Long Q-T syndrome

  • Lupus

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Scleroderma

  • Injury

  • Hypothermia

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Sleep Apnea

  • Intracranial hypertension

Note: Many people are asking if bradycardia is contagious. Bradycardia is not contagious. However, some conditions cause bradycardia.


Medical treatment options for Bradycardia

Two significant options to treat bradycardia could be considered for the treatment. In this condition, your doctor may advise you to take the prescribed medicine or undergo some procedure.


There are some ways that some medications could improve bradycardia. Before that, it is necessary to go for the examinations. A low heart rate could be dangerous because it may lead to a stoppage of the heart.

All these medications are crucial and should be injected under the supervision of a doctor. Otherwise, it may cause life-threatening complications.

  • Intravenous or injectable education called atropine can lead to a faster heart rate.

  • Dopamine

  • Epinephrine

  • Glycopyrrolate


Temporary Pacing

It involves many electric impulses that come from the touch of the skin. It allows mild electrical current to enter the body that causes the heart to bear. The people who are looking for permanent pacemakers are effective treatments for bradycardia.

Permanent Pacemaker

There are many ways that we can improve bradycardia. In this condition, we need to treat it with the help of a permanent pacemaker. It is effective in the case of sinus syndrome, as it improves the heart rate naturally.
It could be a long-term solution for this. It can last for many years. However, some have batteries. Therefore, be careful when using it.
Suppose you are looking for a permanent pacemaker. Then you have to go for the surgical procedure. It could. An electrophysiological surgeon did them. They make a small pouch to hold the permanent pacemaker underneath the skin. Following wires are placed, which connect the heart to relieve the symptoms of bradycardia.
The newer pacemakers are implanted using a catheter procedure. It involves the catheter, which involves an incision to improve blood pressure.

Bradycardia Home Remedies

Natural remedies help improve the bradycardia signs and symptoms and its complications. Let's check out these conditions in the following.

Eat a healthy cardiac diet.

Many food products reduce the level of high blood pressure. It can improve heart function. There is a lot of nutritious food, including farro, organic fruits, and vegetables.
There are rich in omega-3s that help to lower bad cholesterol. In this condition, we can improve the functionality of the heart. Let's check out what food items are suitable for health.

  • Walnuts
  • Chia seed
  • Herring
  • Flaxseeds
  • Sardines
  • Hemp seeds
  • Anchovies
  • Natto
  • Egg yolks


It is important for people to take 300 to 400 milligrams to improve anxiety, improve sleep efficiency, lower insomnia, and relieve muscle spasms. All these problems cause heart issues. Therefore, a sufficient amount of magnesium can reduce the chances of bradycardia.


In research, it has been seen that L-carnitine supplementation increases heart fatty acid that corrects bradycardia. L carnitine is given in the following.

  • Grass-fed beef

  • Whole milk

  • Wild-caught cod

Reduce stress

Remove the devices, everyday stressors, and health problems. In this, we improve the regular part of life. The most destructive emotional conditions can cause chronic headaches. Reducing stress reduces the impact on the heart. Eventually, it prevents a slow rate.

Relieve Anxiety

There are many ways to reduce anxiety. It is one of the effective ways to reduce bradycardia problems. In this, we can try yoga, diet, and anxiety— additionally, ashwagandha a deep breathing exercise.
Taking Vitamin B improves depression and anxiety. It has improved bradycardia. In a research, it has been seen that 60 participants given Vitamin B showed an extraordinary improvement in bradycardia.

Sleep Apnea

Set your body temperature and humidity and helps to improve your sleeping. Elevate your head while sleeping. It could improve cognitive behavioral therapy that improves the heart. It also decreases the problem of bradycardia.


Diagnostic tests recommended for Bradycardia

Many diagnoses cause bradycardia, a combination of the physical exam and test that measure the heart rate and analyze the heart rhythm. The diagnostic test for bradycardia is given in the following.

Physical Examination

The physical examination is done by the health care practitioner who sees the visible bradycardia signs and symptoms.


Some tests help diagnose bradycardia. It tracks the electrical activity of the heart. It uses electrodes that stick to the skin.

Electrolyte level

These tests are measured to assess the electrolyte level in your blood. It is especially calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Thyroid Hormone Levels

Hypothyroidism can lead to bradycardia.


Many factors could damage your heart. After the damage to the heart, it relates to a specific protein called troponin. It can indicate damage to the heart. It is crucial to check medical conditions.

Toxicology Screen

There are tests used to assess the toxics instance in the body. It could damage the heart, leading to a slow heart rate.

Holter monitoring

It could measure the electrical activity that gives a stage report of the heart. If there are any complications, they could be monitored in the Holter monitoring.

Sleep study

There are many ways to determine the sleep apnea which causes bradycardia.


Preventive Measures for Bradycardia

There are many ways that we can improve bradycardia. There are ways that you can improve the bradycardia that help to improve the heart rate and reduce the bradycardia risk.

Get regular exercise

The health care provider will help suggest you exercise to improve your heart rate. There are types of exercise that help improve the rhythm of the heart.

Eat a healthy diet

A healthy, low-fat, low-sugar diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Maintain a healthy weight

There are risks of health problems if you are obese or overweight.

Don't smoke

If you want to maintain a normal heart rate, improve your heart health.

Manage stress

Many ways to improve the heart rate. It is to relieve stress and regular exercise. It helps to increase the heart rate and bring it to the normal rate.

What can you expect if you have bradycardia?
Many people are suffering from bradycardia. Some people are different than bradycardia and should report to the doctor. It can lead to increase complications and death.


When to consult with the doctor

You need to take care of many problems. It is mandatory to see the annual physical examination. This is the way that needs to take care of healthcare problems. If you are having new symptoms, give in to the following.

  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fainting
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dizziness

Bradycardia Doctors


If you have bradycardia and are concerned about your health, it is important to seek immediate medical attention from a qualified bradycardia doctor. A doctor specializing in treating bradycardia, such as a Cardiologist, would be the right health professional to consult.

Here is a list of Top verified doctors for bradycardia. You can book an appointment with one to start your bradycardia treatment today.

🏥 Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Bommasandra, Bangalore

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Bradycardia Hospitals


A hospital can provide various services to help diagnose and treat your bradycardia. If you are experiencing bradycardia In that case, it is important to visit a bradycardia hospital for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

Check a list of Top Hospitals for bradycardia treatment.

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BradycardiaReview 1

Dr. Bhabendra Nath Kalita

Dr. Girish has been a God to us. I was surprised to see such down to earth highly qualified doctors with an everlasting smile. 30% of the fear due to the illness of my dad got vanished merely by seeing the greeting smiles of them. He saved my father's Life and minimized the risk related to the heart like a God. In a condition, where other Hospitals were either suggesting By Pass Surgeries or not willing to operate the Left side of the Heart by Angioplasty, Dr. Girish took extra effort to operate all the narrowing in both sides of the Heart including Roto with great difficulty, patience & effort. I was overwhelmed by his gesture when he greeted me & consoled me with belief & faith with the success of the operation before entering the Operation theatre. After 2 hours of operation, when he came out, even before washing his hands, he waved me from inside to make me feel safe & secure. From him, my father might be just a patient but he understood the pain I have been going through that 2 hours. The Operation is successful. Today, My Dad is recovering well and rapid. Thank you so much, Doctor!!

BradycardiaReview 2

Narendra Natth Sikder

Medanta The Medicity

Doctor ,There are no words to thank and describe ,Most dedicated and far sightedness. The hospital should be proud to have such person Perfect in Admission caring personally doing Ecg. Such doctor can revive and give new life to patients. Almighty God bless him Health to serve humanity I will leave no opportunity to tell our people of North East I being Vice president of Lions Club of Gauhati Trustee of Lions Eye Hospital Grief counselor Shankerdev Netralaya for Eye donation Advisor to SIKH Pratinidhi Board North East Patron to Gauhati Press Club I will leave no opportunity to tell the truth to the residents of North East about devotion and dedication of the Doctor and staff of the hospital. It's my privilege and my luck to be here. We had heard of the hospital that their service and hospitality was not good. But I shall surely write in all newspaper and inform that what people said was Totally wrong and the misuderstanding. The services and care is best I pray God bless Dr

BradycardiaReview 3


My father went for a health check up alone at Kokilaben hospital. He was doing stess test and he developed Anterior wall Myocardial infarction (Major heart attack). Thanks to immediate attention by Dr. Pravin Kahale and his team who took my father immediately for Emergency angioplasty even though we were at home. In a heart attack, every minute delay leads to damage to heart muscle and has long term consequences of a weak heart. My father had good salvage and early prompt action lead to preserve heart pumping. Dr. Kahale is an excellent doctor. He has very deep knowledge. He writes few but best medications. He also makes us understand complex things in simple language. Our entire family would strongly recommend Dr. Kahale as a cardiolgist who can deliver the best in most complex cardiac issues. He is always accessible to the entire family and is only a phone call/ message away and resolves all the queries. Highly recommended!

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