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A neurologist is a medical practitioner who specializes in the treatment of nervous system disorders. The nervous system is divided into two parts: the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. It consists of the brain and the spinal cord. Illnesses, illnesses, and accidents involving the neurological system frequently necessitate the care and treatment of a neurologist. 

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What does a neurologist do?

Neurologists manage and treat neurological disorders, often known as nervous system issues. Coordination issues, muscular weakness, a change in feeling, disorientation, and dizziness are frequent symptoms that need a visit to a neurologist. 

People who are experiencing difficulties with their senses, such as touch, vision, or smell, may also benefit from seeing a neurologist. Nervous system diseases can occasionally create problems with the senses. Neurologists also treat individuals who have:

  • Seizures, such as epilepsy, are examples of seizure disorders.

  • Stroke.

  • MS (stands for multiple sclerosis).

  • Myasthenia gravis is an example of a neuromuscular disease.

  • Encephalitis, meningitis, and brain abscesses are all examples of nervous system infections.

  • Lou Gehrig's illness and Alzheimer's disease are examples of neurodegenerative diseases.

  • Diseases of the spinal cord, including inflammatory and autoimmune disorders.

  • Cluster headaches and migraines are examples of headaches.

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What procedures are performed by a neurologist?

During your initial visit with a neurologist, they will most likely perform a physical assessment as well as a neurological exam. Muscle strength, reflexes, and coordination will all be tested during a neurological exam. Because multiple illnesses can cause similar symptoms, your neurologist may require more testing to make a diagnosis. Neurologists may prescribe several treatments to assist in the diagnosis or treatment of a disease. Among these procedures are:

  • Lumbar puncture: A lumbar puncture may be used by your neurologist to test your spinal fluid. They may suggest the surgery if they feel your symptoms are caused by a neurological system disease that can be identified in your spinal fluid. After numbing the spine, a needle is inserted into it and a sample of spinal fluid is taken. 

  • Tensilon test: This technique can assist your neurologist in the diagnosis of myasthenia gravis. During this test, your doctor will inject you with Tensilon. They'll then look at how it impacts your muscular motions.

  • Electromyography (EMG): An EMG monitors the electrical activity that occurs between your brain or spinal cord and a peripheral nerve. This nerve is located in your arms and legs and is in charge of muscle control during movement and rest. Your neurologist can use EMGs to diagnose spinal cord illness as well as general muscle or nerve dysfunction.

  • Electroencephalogram (EEG): An EEG detects electrical activity in the brain using electrodes placed on your scalp. It is utilized to aid in the diagnosis of brain diseases like inflammation, tumors, and trauma, as well as seizures and psychiatric problems. You must abstain from stimulants the day before the test, just as you would for an EMG. The EEG will likewise take around an hour. The test is sometimes performed while you are asleep.

  • Other tests: Other sorts of testing may also be used by neurologists. They may not do the test themselves, but they may order it, evaluate it, and interpret the results. A neurologist may utilize imaging tests such as computed tomography, or CT scan, magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI scan, and positron emission tomography or a PET scan to make a diagnosis.

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Subspecialties of neurology

Because the neurological system is so complicated, a neurologist may choose to specialize in a particular area. Following residency training, they will pursue a fellowship in that field. Subspecialties have emerged to focus a doctor's attention. There are several subspecialties. Here are several examples:

  • Headache medication

  • Neuromuscular medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with the muscles.

  • Critical care for the nervous system.

  • Neuro-oncology, geriatric neurology, and autonomic diseases are all areas of expertise.

  • circulatory (stroke care).

  • Epilepsy, interventional neuroradiology, and child neurology

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