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Best Cardiologist in Amritsar

Cardiologists are the health experts specializing in diagnosing and treating diseases or conditions of heart problems and blood vessels - the cardiovascular system. If you are dealing with complex health conditions like the cardiovascular system, you must find the right match for your problem. Cardiologists are responsible for evaluating the symptoms and your medical history. In addition to this, they can also recommend tests for a more definite diagnosis. After this, your cardiologist can define your condition and whether it can be managed under their care using medicine or other treatments. Sometimes if your heart specialist decides that you need surgery, you might need a cardiovascular surgeon.  Cardiovascular surgeons are cardiologists who are specialized in operations on the lungs, heart and blood vessels. 

Cardiology is a dynamic field; many cardiologists specialize in various domains. In addition to this, cardiologists focus on the diagnosis, medical management and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Some cardiologists are experts in pediatric cardiology. Pediatric cardiologists diagnose and treat heart problems in children. Apart from this, other clinical cardiologists are specialized in interventional procedures. 

What is Pediatric Cardiologist?

Pediatric Cardiologists are heart doctors who deal with children. They are different from other clinical cardiologists as they are solely responsible for treating children. Pediatric cardiologists are primarily concerned with a child's heart's structure. They use electrocardiograms, imaging tests and echocardiograms as a tool for the treatment. They usually treat children from the 18 to 21 age group. Pediatric Cardiologists look for problems in the heart's formation or in the way it beats.

When do I need to visit a Cardiologist?

Depending upon the type of heart disease that you have, you need to go for a regular checkup. Therefore following are the primary condition when you need to see a cardiologist:

  • If you have been diagnosed with heart disease in the past, seek expert advice.

  • Regular checkups with cardiologists keep your heart healthy, and it becomes easy to monitor your heart's health and make changes to your treatments if necessary. 

  • If you have abnormal heart rhythms, heart failure, coronary artery disease or heart valve disease, seek expert advice. 

  • Though you don't have a history of heart disease or any symptoms, knowing your risk factors is necessary. Here risk factors are conditions or behaviours which make heart disease more likely. 

Signs and symptoms of heart problem

If you face severe heart problems and any symptoms of heart disease, you should consult with a heart specialist. Signs and symptoms of heart problems are as follows:

  • Nausea, vomiting, back pain, jaw pain, cold sweats, paleness, dizziness, shortness of breath and fainting episodes. 

  • Women may not recognize the symptoms in the initial stage because women tend to have other risk factors such as stress and menopause. 

  • Severe chest pain from the heart muscle, then you should visit a cardiologist.

  • Angina is a type of heart disease that also causes you to feel discomfort in your chest.

  • Experiencing tightness or a squeezing sensation and the pain may radiate to the neck.

  • If you are feeling exhausted or have difficulty catching your breath, you may have heart disease symptoms.

Different types of Heart Diseases

  • Coronary artery disease: CAD is the standard type of heart disease caused by atherosclerosis; it means" hardening of the arteries". Due to the excess cholesterol collecting in the arteries, it makes the wall stiffer. It makes the flow of blood to the heart difficult. And eventually, CAD leads to a heart attack or silent cardiac attack.

  • Arrhythmias: A heart generally flows in a regular rhythm to keep blood flowing smoothly at a steady rate. Arrhythmia happens when the flow is disrupted, and it is harmless but life-threatening if not treated on time. 

  • Congestive heart failure: A heart failure when the heart muscles don't function well or pump blood smoothly is known as Congestive heart failure. It occurs due to high blood pressure, which is a prevalent cause of heart failure. CAD is mainly seen in older people. 

  • Valvular Disease: Generally, a heart has four valves that keep the blood flowing smoothly. The valves are open in rapid succession and in specific order. Valve disease occurs when one of the valves stops working. Valve disease can be present since birth or may be acquired in late life. 

  • Congenital heart disease: Sometimes, heart-related problems are discovered since birth. Congenital heart disease is mainly seen with a family history of defects. This disease is caused by maternal smoking or alcohol, genetic abnormalities, viral infection during pregnancy and certain drugs. 

How Credihealth helps in Early Appointment- 

Suppose you are struggling with a heart problem and looking for the best treatment. Credihealth helps you book an appointment with a health expert. A hassle-free process with ratings and reviews allows you to find the best facility. It is essential to take proper medication and consultation from a Heart specialist. Therefore, for any consultation, medical assistance, second opinions, treatment costs, you can visit Credihealth for more information. To request a call back from Credihealth's in-house medical service, you can give a call on +91-8010994994.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the consultation fee of the best heart specialist in Amritsar? up arrow

A: Generally, the consultation fee of the heart specialist in Amritsar may vary from INR 500 to INR 2500.

Q: What is Cardiovascular Surgeon? up arrow

A: Cardiovascular surgeons are cardiologists who are specialized in operations on the lungs, heart and blood vessels.

Q: Where to find the best treatment for silent heart attack in Amritsar? up arrow

A: Cardiologists are health experts who can deal with silent heart attack and other heart diseases, therefore on Credihealth; you will find the best Cardiologists in Amritsar.

Q: What are the signs of Coronary Heart Disease? up arrow

A: High cholesterol, nausea, sweat around the neck, back and shoulder are the significant signs of Coronary Heart Disease.

Q: How to find the best cardiologist for a heart attack in Amritsar? up arrow

A: Cardiologists are heart specialists. Hence you can find a cardiologist for heart-related problems on Credihealth.

Q: When do we need a cardiologist? up arrow

A: If you are witnessing the signs and symptoms of heart-related diseases, you should seek expert advice from a cardiologist.

Q: How to find if your heart is healthy? up arrow

A: Typically, a regular health checkup and healthy routine will be easy to diagnose if your heart is healthy. A cardiologist can help you with specific tests and consultation for the same.

Q: What are the symptoms of atherosclerosis in the heart? up arrow

A: Sudden paralysis, shortness of breath, angina and numbness in arms are the significant symptoms of atherosclerosis in the heart.