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Dr. Sunil Patra

Dr. Sunil Patra

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Neurosurgery

Consultant - Neurosurgery

Neurosurgeon, Spine Surgeon

speciality 14 Years of Practice
Dr. Amit Jaiswal

Dr. Amit Jaiswal

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Neurosurgery

Consultant - Neurosurgery

Neurosurgeon, Spine Surgeon

speciality 14 Years of Practice
Dr. Biswaranjan Nayak

Dr. Biswaranjan Nayak


Consultant - Neuro Surgery

Neurosurgeon, Spine Surgeon

speciality 10 Years of Practice
Dr. Nishant S Yagnick

Dr. Nishant S Yagnick

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Neurosurgery

Consultant - Neurosurgery


speciality 8 Years of Practice


Sunetra green_tickVerified User


Successful outcome of the treatment. Thank you very much, Doctor.
Aarti green_tickVerified User


Neurological Treatment in a Top-Rated Hospital.
Dinesh Kumar green_tickVerified User


Dr. Dinesh Verma has been extremely helpful.
Mrs P. Akkamma green_tickVerified User


The Doctor possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in his field of expertise.
Tapan Kumar Bhattacharyya green_tickVerified User


Dr. Mohammed Ayub was introduced to me by Credihealth, which I greatly appreciate.
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About Neurosurgeon in Bhubaneswar -

A neurosurgeon is a physician who concentrates on the diagnosis and medical therapy of disorders of the main and peripheral nervous system. It includes congenital anomalies, injury, growths, vascular disorders, infections of the mind or back, stroke, or degenerative illness of the spinal column. The education and learning, and training to become a neurosurgeon are extensive.

Neurosurgeons in Bhubaneswar are clinical doctors that detect and treat problems about the brain, spinal column, and other parts of your nerves. They vary from specialists because they're specifically trained and licensed in using surgical therapies, whereas neurologists concentrate on various other types of treatment.

Because neurosurgeons are professionals in the human nerves, they additionally execute a wide variety of responsibilities and surgical treatment. For instance, other wellness specialists such as emergency room medical professionals and neurologists frequently seek advice from neurosurgeons regarding their situations. Neurosurgeons also aid review and rehabilitating individuals with neurological problems.

What Does a Neurosurgeon Do?

There's a misconception that neurosurgeons spend every one of their time in surgical procedures. In reality, they have many other responsibilities. It can be difficult to anticipate what an appointment with a neurosurgeon will certainly involve.

As several of the most skilled and highly trained experts in medication, neurosurgeons invest a large amount of time talking to other doctors about various cases. They also have their roster of instances, each with special challenges. Not all of these situations will require surgical treatment, though several likely wills.

Neurosurgeons treat individuals with a series of neurological problems, such as:

  • Lower neck and back pain

  • Peripheral nervous system conditions

  • Brain tumors.

  • Repetitive strain injury.

Problems treated by a Neurosurgeon.

  • Spinal joint inflammation.

  • Bulging or herniated discs.

  • Spine stenosis.

  • Degenerative disc condition.

  • Spondylolisthesis.

  • Spinal defects (scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis).

  • Cracks.

  • Weakening of bones.

  • Back cancer cells.

  • Congenital disabilities (spina bifida).

  • Repetitive strain injury.

  • Ulnar nerve compression.

  • Peroneal nerve compression.

  • Tarsal passage syndrome.

  • Brachial plexus injuries.


What is Neurovascular Disorder?

Neurovascular disorders are conditions that impact the blood supply in the brain and also spinal cord. Blood circulation can be interfered with by narrowed or hardened capillary, clogs, or a hemorrhage (blood loss from a fractured vessel). While some neurovascular disorders create gradually, some problems cause unexpected and serious life-threatening signs.

Typical signs and symptoms of a neurovascular disorder are trouble walking, loss of coordination, and balance, dizziness, confusion, modification in psychological condition, prejudiced feeling numb, weakness or paralysis, trouble talking, vision and hearing problems, extreme headaches, seizures, nausea, or vomiting and vomiting, and loss of awareness.

Neurosurgeons review, detect and treat crucial neurovascular problems, including:

  • Carotid artery constriction.

  • Mind aneurysms.

  • Strokes.

  • Short-term ischemic assaults (TIAs).

  • Mind hematomas.

  • Brain hemorrhages.


What are traumatic injuries and chronic discomfort?

Terrible head, mind, and spine injuries can result from automobile accidents, drops, sports mishaps, and natural catastrophes. Neurosurgeons have the competence to execute complicated operations to deal with a variety of traumatic injuries, consisting of:

  • Concussions.

  • Stressful brain injuries 

  • Spine injuries.

  • Back cracks.

  • Damaged bones.

  • Head cracks.

  • Brain hemorrhages.

  • Mind hematomas.


Neurosurgeons in Bhubaneswar diagnose, deal with and handle several chronic discomfort problems, consisting of:

  • Back as well as neck pain.

  • Frustrations.

  • Neuropathy.

  • Face discomfort.


When do you need a neurosurgeon?

  • Neurosurgeons collaborate is responsible for treating all the conditions related to the nervous system. In addition, they also diagnose the spinal column and branches of all locations in your body. 

  • Often, the pain that you feel is traveling with the nerve system. 

  • If you experience uncomfortable conditions such as low neck and back pain. In case, there are symptoms such as epilepsy, stroke, and persistent pain you shall consult with a doctor. 

  • These problems might manifest themselves in one place but show up in another. For example, carpal tunnel signs might be related to spine disc problems in the neck.

  • Most people think about neurosurgeons as medical professionals carrying out complex surgical treatment. 

  • Neurosurgeons can perform complicated surgeries in the spine and the mind; its frequent, non-surgical or traditional treatment is recommended. 

  • Diagnosing your condition and creating a modern therapy plan is regular with many neurosurgeons. 

  • For example, back pain may be dealt with clinically with anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, and other non-surgical means. 

  • If the conditions are advanced during the post-treatment time, immediately take treatment for the same. 


Finding the Right Doctor -

Many patients encounter neck and back pain, epilepsy, stroke, and persistent pain. In addition, the conditions can bring severe problems. Hence, it is important to take emergency medical advice for the same. It happens that patients cannot find the right doctor for their condition. Therefore, in such conditions, Credihealth helps you book an appointment with the best neurosurgeon in Bhubaneswar. In addition, you can also write to us for medical benefits and health services. Hence, contact +91 8010-994-994 to book an online consultation with the health expert. 


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