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You can easily connect with a top Ivf And Reproductive Medicine Doctors in Chennai, who can provide advanced treatment and caring support for your ivf and reproductive medicine concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly searched FAQs on Ivf And Reproductive Medicine Doctors in Chennai.


Is the process of IVF painful?

IVF involves a few injections that may irritate you. With a few side effects, it gives you the happiness of being a mother or father.


What can be the common side effects of IVF?

The common side effects are: Nausea Headache Bloating Mood swing and many more light symptoms


Where can I find an IVF specialist in Chennai?

You can find reliable and affordable IVF specialists in Chennai on Credihealth.


What does in-vitro mean?

In-vitro is a Latin-derived word that means in-glass. The fertilization takes place in the laboratory dish.


How successful is in-vitro fertilization?

The success rate of IVF depends on various factors like age, the health of the fallopian tube, and lifestyle.


Can in-vitro fertilization protect you from any kind of genetic problem?

Yes, in-vitro fertilization protects you from any kind of genetic problem


How long does it take for one complete in-vitro cycle?

It takes around two weeks for one round of cycles. The whole process takes four to six weeks.

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