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Appointment with best Neurosurgeon at Manipal hospital Ghaziabad - Neurosurgeons are specialists who diagnose and treat disorders affecting your neurological system, including your brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Neurosurgeons treat different neurological problems and disorders with surgery and non-surgical treatments. Manipal Hospital has the top neurosurgeon in Ghaziabad, treating neurological diseases with the most advanced techniques and technologies, including robotics, minimally invasive surgery, intraoperative MRI, stereotactic radiosurgery, computer-assisted brain surgery, and deep brain stimulation. The neurosurgeon team in Manipal Hospital ensures that patients recover quickly by using the least invasive, most suitable, most advanced treatment available. You can check the Best Neurosurgeon in Manipal hospital Ghaziabad on Credihealth for all neurosurgery treatments.

  What are neurology conditions treated at the hospital? Continuous postoperative care has remained at the core of every condition treated at Manipal Hospitals. State-of-the-art imaging facilities at the hospital have made it possible to measure the effectiveness of every possible treatment. conditions are treated at the hospital are the followings: 

  • Brain attack or brain stroke
  • Cerebral palsy 
  • Dementia & Parkinsons' disease
  • Epilepsy 
  • Essential tremors 
  • Facial palsy 
  • Ganglion cyst 
  • Arteriovenous malformations of the brain
  • Idiopathic hypersomnia
  • Stroke or traumatic brain injury
  • Benign peripheral nerve tumor 
  • Brain and cerebral aneurysm
  • Brain tumor
  • Febrile seizures 

  What are the best neurosurgeons at Manipal hospital Ghaziabad? Manipal Hospitals' neurosurgeons are the most skilled and expert foremost professionals in neuroscience. They maintain an international standard of healthcare and ensure personalized care for all patients with neurology issues. You can plan affordable and latest technology-based brain and spine surgery at the hospital through Credihealth. Following are the best neurosurgeons available at Manipal hospital department Ghaziabad.

  • Dr. Atul Gupta
  • Dr. Nikunj Mittal
  What are the treatments offered at Manipal neurosurgery Unit Ghaziabad? Manipal hospital at Ghaziabad provides a variety of neurosurgical treatments to Treat a patient with severe neurology conditions. Based on your situation, a neurosurgeon in Ghaziabad will recommend or perform the best treatment for you.


  • Brain tumor surgery 
  • Spine surgery 
  • Trauma Surgery
  • Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) Surgery
  • Endoscopic Brain Surgery
  • Functional Neurosurgery
  • Endoscopic Stitchless Transforaminal Spine Surgery
  • Nerve treatments 

  Why choose Credihealth? Manipal hospital Ghaziabad is listed as a partner hospital with Credihealth, where you can check the list of best neurosurgeons in Manipal hospital. Credihealth aids Hussle's free appointment booking with a neurosurgeon in Manipal hospital Ghaziabad. You can also get the cost estimate for any neurosurgery at Manipal hospital with the help of Credihealth. Patients may also look for information on neurosurgeons in Ghaziabad, such as reviews and ratings, specialty, qualification, OPD hours, consultation price, etc. To get offline medical assistance from a neurosurgery specialist in Ghaziabad, call us at 8010-994-994 or email


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does a neurologist refer you to a neurosurgeon?

A: Your neurologist may refer you to a neurosurgeon if surgery is required to remove or treat the condition to improve your result.

Q: Does the hospital offer to image and diagnosing services for neurological conditions?

A: Hospitals ensure cutting-edge imaging and diagnosing services for all types of neurological issues and disorders.

Q: Which is the best neurosurgeon in Manipal hospital Ghaziabad?


  • Dr. Nikunj Mittal

Q: How can I know the cost estimate for Brain tumor surgery At Manipal hospital Ghaziabad?

A: You can find the total cost estimate for brain surgery at the hospital on Credihealth.

Q: Does a neurosurgeon at the hospital perform Skull Base & Spine Surgery?

A: Yes, the hospital offers advanced Skull Base & Spine Surgery to operate on cysts, aneurysms, tumors (cancerous and non-cancerous), and other abnormalities present on the skull base, upper vertebrae, or underside of the brain.

Q: How can I make an appointment with a neurosurgeon in Manipal hospital Ghaziabad?

A: You can book an appointment with a neurosurgery expert at Manipal hospital Ghaziabad online or raise a call back request on 8010994994.

Patient Stories

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Dharmendra is around 62 years old. He has worked for around 40 years in an oil company, where standing all the time, having the oil pipe in his hand, and lifting the heavy buckets throughout the job- were the major tasks of his work. He misses his work and the most difficult tasks of his job, posing a difficulty level to everyone. What he misses the most is his companionship with other people. Since the time he has taken his retirement, he feels something is wrong with his back. He went to various doctors, chiropractors, and even spine surgeons, but got no result.


How did Dharmendra receive help?

  • Dharmendra started seeking help from Credihealth where he had one of the best appointments with a Neurosurgeon in Manipal Hospital Ghaziabad.

  • He went to the doctor and had a complete diagnosis.

  • He explained to the doctor that he was the most active personality when he used to perform the different tasks of his job. But now he has remained with nothing but back pain that was not going away itself. He also explained to the doctor that he had put on some weight making him unable to perform many of the normal activities of the house.

  • The Neurosurgeon in Manipal Hospital Ghaziabad first diagnosed his back and then he suggested that he should get spinal fusion surgery. It is the type of surgery that is used to correct the issues with small bones within the vertebrae.

  • Now, it has been more than 6 months that Dharmendra is enjoying his life with his 3 years old grandchildren, hiking and picking him up along the roads and making him feel special.