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Neurosurgeon in Fortis Hospital Gurgaon

Best Neurosurgeon in Fortis Hospital Gurgaon -  The neurosurgery department at the Fortis hospital Gurgaon focuses on the neurological system. A Team of neurologists and neurosurgeons at the hospital specializes in disorders concerning the neurological system, including brain, spine, and nerve issues and disorders. These neurosurgeons hold expertise in performing surgical operations on people with chronic diseases that impair the nervous system's normal functioning, such as Parkinson's disease, aneurysms, and congenital disabilities. You can book an appointment with a Neurosurgeon in Fortis Hospital Gurgaon for neurological issues and disorders on Credihealth.

  What are the Best Neurosurgeon at Fortis Hospital Gurgaon? The neurosurgery specialists at the hospital provide exceptional clinical treatment. Mainly they focus on using minimally invasive methods to treat patients wherever feasible. The team has extensive experience treating cerebral aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, hemorrhage, and various other brain and spinal issues. Following are the best neurosurgeons available at fortis hospital

  • Dr. Sandeep Vaishya
  • Dr. Rana Patir
  • Dr. Utkarsh Bhagat

  What diagnosis test can be performed before neurosurgery? A neurosurgeon at the fortis hospital may perform a range of diagnostic tests to evaluate the best surgical procedure to treat a neurological issue in a patient. Following are a few tests performed before the surgery to evaluate the overall health of a patient.

  • Imaging tools (CT, MRI, PET, SPECT) will assist your doctor in understanding the tissues in your body.
  • Blood and urine testing will help determine whether a toxin is present in your body.
  • EEG and EMG testing will aid in understanding the state of the nerves and the muscles that link to them.

  What are the treatments offered at fortis neurosurgery unit Gurgaon? Several types of neurosurgery treatments are offered at the fortis hospital to address your issue. A neurosurgeon will recommend the best one for you based on your condition.

  • Brain tumor surgery
  • Functional Neurosurgery
  • Neurovascular Surgery
  • Pediatric Neurosurgery
  • Traumatology
  • Spinal Surgery
  • Skull-base surgery

  Why choose Credihealth - Credihealth is the largest online healthcare platform, offering users access to many healthcare-related services. Credihealth has listed Neurosurgeon in Fortis Hospital Gurgaon, where you can make an appointment with the best one. On Credihealth, you may choose the greatest and most experienced and skilled neurosurgeon for every type of surgery or treatment. Patients may also check for information about a Neurosurgeon in Gurgaon, such as reviews and ratings, specialty, qualification, OPD hours, consultation fee, etc. Call us at 8010-994-994 or contact to book a video and teleconsultation with a neurosurgical specialist in Gurgaon.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the early symptoms of hemorrhagic stroke? up arrow

A: A patient may experience a sudden, severe headache near the back of the head, losing consciousness, Inability to move or feel, Confusion, Memory loss, Muscle pain in the neck and shoulders, Nausea and vomiting, etc.

Q: What is the leading cause of hemorrhagic stroke? up arrow

A: When a weakened blood artery ruptures, it may cause a hemorrhagic stroke.

Q: Which is the most effective brain tumor treatment? up arrow

A: Brain surgery is considered the most effective treatment for a brain tumor.

Q: Does the neurosurgeon at the hospital provide treatment for the international patient? up arrow

A: Yes, the hospital ensures affordable and effective treatment for both national and international patients.

Q: Does a neurosurgeon in fortis hospital Gurgaon perform craniotomy? up arrow

A: Yes, the hospital offers advanced craniotomy to access the brain to treat one of several disorders.

Q: How can I make an appointment with a neurosurgeon at Fortis hospital Gurgaon? up arrow

A: You can book an appointment with a neurosurgery expert at fortis hospital online or raise a call back request on 8010994994.

Q: How can I know the neurosurgery Cost estimate in Fortis hospital Gurgaon? up arrow

A: You can find the hospital's total cost estimate for neurosurgery on Credihealth.

Patient Stories

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Kanika is only 10 years old and an athlete who practices volleyball daily in the morning and evening time after school hours get over. She is used to her body changes because of having academic sessions in the air-conditioned classroom and having volleyball practices in the heat of the sun during the peak season of the summers. Once while practicing her volleyball sessions, she got faint and immediately developed the need to go to the doctor. After seeking a doctor’s help, she came to know that something serious was happening with her body. Being unable to describe the whole thing to the student, the school doctor helped Kanika’s parents to receive the suggestion of going to a Neurosurgeon in Fortis Hospital Gurgaon.


How did Kanika receive help?

  • Thankfully, Kanika’s father was in contact with the Best Neurosurgeon in Fortis Hospital Gurgaon through the medium of Credihealth.

  • The parents had the complete diagnosis of their child through the medium of Credihealth and received all of their medicines and even home care facilities through the platform.

  • After the tests and complete diagnosis, the parents came to know that Kanika was going through the migraine stages.

  • Practicing volleyball in the heat of summer created such a problem and made Kanika eat at least 5 medicines at one time at the age of 10.

  • Although Kanika never had a migraine attack that was noticeable to the whole family, Kanika complained about her normal headache that often goes away after she reaches home and has some rest starting from the session of volleyball practices.

Today, Kanika is the youngest patient of migraine in her school or even family. She is taking regular medicines and hopes to bring positivity and alertness to other parents with her health conditions.