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Spinal surgery is a specialized medical discipline that deals with the surgical treatment of patients with complaints and diseases in the spinal cord and spine. Along with surgical therapy of the herniated disc and spinal stenosis, an integral part of spinal surgery is also the diagnosis of scoliosis, spinal cord vertebral fracture and spine tumours, spinal anomalies and degenerative instability. Doctors skilled in performing the spinal surgeries are known as the spine surgeon. You can avail all the spine surgeries by accessing doctor and hospital network of Credihealth.

In connection with the vertical position, the vertebrae, especially in the lumbar region subjected to high loads, and since the nerves leave the spine. In most of the cases, the spinal diseases manifest themselves through pain and then through neurological disorders (eg, paralysis and false sensations). The S-shaped form of the spine and intervertebral disks have a dampening function in young age and quite well soften the mechanical effects on the spine but with age, the spine becomes less mobile and the intervertebral discs lose their function. Elderly people are particularly susceptible to the development of various diseases of the spine, but there are diseases, often hereditary, that can occur at any age.

Spine surgery cost in Indore varies between the range of 2.25 - 4.85 Lakhs

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