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Dr. Rahul Rai

Dr. Rahul Rai

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine, DM - Hepatology

Consultant - Medical Gastroenterology, Pediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Gastroenterologist, Pediatric Gastroenterologist

speciality 22 Years of Practice
Dr. Natwar Parwal

Dr. Natwar Parwal

MBBS, Diploma - Child Health, Fellowship - Pediatric Gastroentererology and Hepatology

Consultant - Pediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Pediatric Gastroenterologist

speciality 13 Years of Practice


Srinivasan169 green_tickVerified User


Two months after seeing Dr. Rahul Rai for NAFLD Fibrosis, it has resolved thanks to his care. I saw him as a gift from God. He is incredibly kind and spends all of his time discussing the disease and course of treatment with patients.
Mina Khemka green_tickVerified User


Having ascites and hepatic encephalopathy, I went to see Dr. Rahul Rai. He treated me and told me how I had been misinformed about the seriousness of fatty liver in the early stages when there was still time to take action.
Saraswati Agre green_tickVerified User


Since one month ago, I have experienced practically daily nausea and vomiting. After noticing my elevated bilirubin, Dr. Rahul Rai suggested a special MRI which revealed a large worm in my liver. He removed my worm via ERCP, and I'm now fine.
Gaurav Arora green_tickVerified User


I frequently had loose stools and puked. I was in bad shape. Dr. Rahul Rai first prescribed medication and stabilized me. He performed a colonoscopy after which he informed me of my long-standing Crohn's disease issue. I'm no longer in pain.
Mansi Agrawal green_tickVerified User


I had significant abdominal pain, and pancreatitis was the cause. After Dr. Rahul Rai placed a unique feeding tube, I stopped experiencing agony when I ate and my fever went down.
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Pediatric Gastroenterologist in Jaipur for Diarrhea -
Diarrhea is a frequent illness among children (see diarrhea in adults). Diarrhea is defined as frequent, loose, or watery bowel movements (BMs) that deviate from the typical pattern. Diarrhea can occasionally contain blood or mucus. Identifying moderate diarrhea may be challenging since the frequency and consistency of BMs in healthy children fluctuate with age and nutrition. Pediatric Gastroenterology is a medical specialty that focuses on the digestive system, sometimes known as the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and the liver in children of all ages. Diarrhea is also a condition that pediatric gastroenterologists can treat. If your child has severe symptoms of diarrhea, you can consult a pediatric gastroenterologist immediately. You can find the best pediatric gastroenterologist in Jaipur on Credihealth.  When to visit a pediatric gastroenterologist for diarrheas in children - If your kid shows the below-mentioned symptoms, the first step is to consult a pediatric gastro doctor. Obtaining a proper diagnosis & treatment will assist you in determining how to make your kid feel better. 
  • Seems very sick
  • Diarrhea lasts for more than three days
  • The child is younger than 6-months old
  • vomiting bloody green or yellow fluid
  • vomiting more than twice
  • Has a persistent fever above 100.4° F (determined by a rectal thermometer)
  • Seems dehydrated
  • bloody stool
  • More than four times watery stool stools pass in eight hours
  • Loss of Body fluid (dehydration)
  • Has a weak immune system
  • Has stomach pain for longer hours
  • Has not urinated in 6 hours
  • Cramping
How does a pediatric gastro doctor diagnose the cause of diarrhea? A pediatric digestive system doctor may discuss your child's symptoms and medical history on your first visit. He or she will examine your child physically. If healthcare professionals believe there is a more serious cause for diarrhea, they may recommend more tests. Among the possible tests are:
  • Stool studies - A stool test will be performed to look for abnormal bacteria or parasites in your child's digestive tract. A little stool sample is collected and submitted to a laboratory. The stool might also be submitted to be examined for blood, fat, carbohydrates, or proteins.
  • Sigmoidoscopy - This test allows your doctor to examine the inside of a portion of your large intestine. It aids in determining what is causing diarrhea. A short, flexible, illuminated tube (sigmoidoscope) is inserted via the rectum into the large intestine. This tube forces air into the gut, causing it to expand. This improves visibility inside. If necessary, the doctor may recommend a biopsy.
  • Colonoscopy - This test examines the whole length of the large intestine. It can aid in detecting any abnormal growths, red or swollen tissue, sores (ulcers), or bleeding. A long, flexible, lighted tube (colonoscope) is inserted into the rectum and advanced into the colon. This tube allows the gastroenterologist to examine the lining of the child's colon and extract a tissue sample (biopsy) for testing.
  • Imaging tests - These tests can determine whether any anatomical abnormalities are causing diarrhea in your child.
  • Food intolerance tests - These tests can aid in determining the capacity to digest certain enzymes. Hydrogen Breath Testing is one example of such a test.
  • Blood tests - A pediatric gastroenterologist may perform a blood test to search for metabolic issues such as thyroid illness, anemia (low blood count), low vitamin levels indicating poor absorption, and celiac disease, among other things.
What are the treatment options for diarrhea in children? Diarrhea caused by viral gastroenteritis improves on its own. A pediatric gastro specialist may give Antibiotics to children suffering from bacterial diarrhea. Parasites must constantly be treated with anti-parasitic medications. Unless the pediatrician doctor instructs you otherwise, do not give your kid an over-the-counter anti-diarrhea medication. Children who aren't vomiting can eat and drink normally if they feel up to it. Smaller servings of food should be served until they feel better. Maintaining a regular diet may help reduce the amount of time they suffer diarrhea. As long as babies are not vomiting often, they can continue breastfeeding or drinking formula. If an illness doesn't cause diarrhea, the therapy will depend on what's causing it. Why choose Credihealth –

Choosing a gastric doctor for diarrhea problems in children could be a sudden and critical task. So, the doctor you choose must be child-friendly and expert in handling all complex situations. An online healthcare portal, Credihealth can help you identify the Top pediatric Gastroenterologist in Jaipur based on your preferences. On Credihealth, you may supply crucial information about a child gastro problem specialist, such as their patient review, specialty, consultation cost, OPD hours, and so on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the most prevalent cause of newborn diarrhea?

A: Infection with viruses such as rotavirus, bacteria such as salmonella, and, in rare cases, parasites such as giardia may cause diarrhea in children.

Q: Is yogurt good for diarrhea?

A: Yogurt may aid in the recovery of a child suffering from diarrhea. Some yogurt contains live, natural, "friendly" bacteria, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, which may aid digestion.

Q: How does a pediatric gastroenterologist examine the cause of diarrhea?

A: The pediatric diarrhea doctor may perform a physical exam to look for discomfort, organ enlargement, or fullness beneath the skin. He/she might request tests such as an abdominal CT scan, an ultrasound, an MRI, or an endoscopy.

Q: What is the treatment for diarrheal dehydration in children?

A: Children with severe dehydration may require medical care by a pediatric gastroenterologist. Oral (by mouth) rehydration is used to treat mild dehydration. This usually includes providing an oral rehydration solution (Pedialyte, Enfalyte, or a store brand).

Q: What are the symptoms of abdominal infection in kids?

A: Symptoms of a viral gastroenteritis infection may include vomiting, stomachache, headache, and fever, in addition to losing or watery faces.

Q: How can I find the best pediatric gastroenterologist in Jaipur?

A: You can find the best pediatric gastroenterologist in Jaipur on Credihealth and make an appointment with the best child specialist in seconds.

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