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Dr. Rakesh Kumawat

Dr. Rakesh Kumawat

MBBS, MD - Paediatrics, DNB - Neonatology

Consultant - Pediatrics and Neonatology

Pediatrician, Neonatologist

speciality 7 Years of Practice
Dr. HS Bhasin

Dr. HS Bhasin

MBBS, Diploma - Child Health, MD - Pediatrics

Consultant - Pediatrics


speciality 7 Years of Practice
Dr. Alok Tyagi

Dr. Alok Tyagi


Consultant - Pediatrics


speciality 7 Years of Practice


Nirmala green_tickVerified User


Highly recommended pediatrician
Sujit Kumar Jha green_tickVerified User


Excellent medical treatment was given by Dr. HS Bhasin. Thanks to the team and staff.
H.Ca. Vakharia green_tickVerified User


Everything was satisfactory.Thanks to Dr. Alok Tyagi
Pravin Borse green_tickVerified User


Credihealth was extremely helpful in scheduling an appointment that met my needs and preferences.
Yogesh Bhalla green_tickVerified User


Scheduling time was good and nice consultation
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Pediatrician in Jaipur

Pediatricians are pediatric physicians who offer medical attention to severely or chronically sick children and preventive health care to healthy kids. In addition, a pediatrician oversees the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of children in their care at all stages of development, including health and sickness.

The goals of the pediatrics study are to decrease the rate of infant and child deaths; control infection spread diseases, encourage healthy lifestyles, longevity, and healthy life, and alleviate the issues of adolescents and children with chronic illnesses.

Pediatricians treat and diagnose a variety of illnesses in children. These include children with:

  • injuries

  • Infections

  • congenital and genetic disorders

  • cancer

  • organ dysfunction and diseases

Pediatrics is not just with the immediate treatment of the sick child, but also the long-term consequences on the quality of life, disabilities, and the likelihood of survival.

What's the job of the pediatrician?

Pediatricians are doctors responsible for diagnosing, treating, and examining children who suffer from different kinds of disorders and diseases. They specialize in providing medical attention to infants, young adults, and teenagers. Pediatricians typically diagnose common ailments such as infectious diseases, common illnesses, and minor injuries. In addition, vaccinations are offered by pediatricians.

Procedures Provided by the Pediatricians

Pediatric experts offer a variety of procedures in Jaipur. We have listed a few of the procedures used to treat different ailments. Check them out.

  • Bladder Catheterization.

  • Simple Laceration Repair.

  • Lumbar Puncture.

  • Immunizations

Diagnosis Tests

The pediatrician in Jaipur may suggest a complete diagnosis:

Blood Tests: It helps diagnose the internal and external conditions in the stomach lining. The doctor will suggest for a blood test to detect the hidden condition. 

Urine tests: The tests help to find urological problems and indigestion. 

MRI scan: It helps to find the bone and internal areas of the body more precisely. 

CT scan: The doctor may use suggestions for a CT scan if the child shows internal problems.

Treatment options by a pediatrician

The doctor is an expert in treating children's conditions. In addition, the doctor will provide a medication and treatment plan for the condition. Once the diagnosis is done, the doctor will start preparing for the treatment. It may also include therapies. 

It is essential to know that if you notice any side effects in your child's condition, then consult the pediatrician. In addition, it is essential not to ignore the signs and symptoms of the condition. Finally, make sure that the treatment plan given by the doctor is well followed. 

If you notice any medicine showing side effects, report to the doctors immediately. 

Guidelines for a High-Nutrition Diet

The human body requires a diverse amount of nutrients during different stages in life. Childhood is the most crucial stage to grow and develop. Therefore, it is crucial to meet all of the body's requirements. Here are some formulas that will aid your child's growth. Take a look.

  • Ensure that your child is getting fewer calories from trans and saturated fats and sugar added to their diet. 

  • Include nutrient-rich foods such as lean meats, seafood, green vegetables, whole wheat bread, and seafood to your child's menu.

  • For children between the ages of 2 and 3, one must keep calorie intake around 1000-1400 according to the intensity of physical activity.

  • For children aged 4-8 (Girls), Fruit and vegetable consumption should be between 1 and 2.5 cups daily.

Why Credihealth?

Credihealth has a team of surgical and clinical experts on board. In addition, the experts carefully inspect the health problem and provide treatment. You can call on +91 8010-994-994 regarding the medical problems. Furthermore, you can also write to us at for all your health queries. Here, our health representatives are from top-notch medical sectors. 

On Credihealth, you get every doctor's qualification and experience information. Make sure to consider if you notice any side effects or any complications. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which are the essential diagnostic tests?

A: The doctor may ask for blood tests, urine tests, and MRI scans during the diagnosis.

Q: Can a pediatrician perform the surgery?

A: No, a pediatrician cannot perform the surgery if they have no surgical qualifications or experience.

Q: How to book an appointment with a pediatrician in Jaipur?

A: You can call +91 8010-994-994 and book an online consultation with a pediatrician in Jaipur.

Q: What are the benefits of choosing Credihealth?

A: On Credihealth, you can discover the list of top pediatricians in Jaipur.

Q: What does a pediatrician do?

A: A pediatrician can treat and diagnose the condition of children below the age of 18.

Q: What are the necessary things to remember during the consultation?

A: The patient should bring their medical history and a family member.

Q: What can you expect during the consultation with the doctor?

A: First, the doctor will run a complete body examination for treating and diagnosing the condition.

Q: Does the pediatrician give nutritional advice?

A: Yes, in some cases, a pediatrician can provide a general diet plan.

Q: Can I get a second opinion on my child's condition?

A: Yes, you can get a second opinion, for that you can contact on +91 8010-994-994 and book an online consultation with the doctor.

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