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Best Orthopedic Doctors in Noida

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Dr. Punit Dilawari

Dr. Punit Dilawari

MBBS, Diploma - Orthopedics, DNB - Orthopedics

Senior Consultant - Joint Replacement and Orthopaedics

Orthopedic, Joint Replacement Surgeon, Pediatric Orthopedic

awards 2 Awards speciality 28 Years of Practice
Dr. Shishir Kumar

Dr. Shishir Kumar

MBBS, MS - Orthopedics, MCh

Senior Consultant - Orthopedics


speciality 27 Years of Practice
Dr. Atul Mishra

Dr. Atul Mishra

MBBS, MS - Orthopedics, Fellowship - Knee Orthopedics and Sports Traumatology

Director - Orthopedics, Arthroscopy and Knee Surgery

Orthopedic, Joint Replacement Surgeon

awards 1 Award speciality 21 Years of Practice
Dr. Amit Pachhauri

Dr. Amit Pachhauri

MBBS, MS - Orthopedics

Consultant - Orthopedics and Joint Replacement


speciality 17 Years of Practice
Dr. Vishal Aggarwal

Dr. Vishal Aggarwal

MBBS, MS, Fellowship

Senior Consultant - Orthopedics, Joint Replacement and Spine Surgery

Orthopedic, Joint Replacement Surgeon

speciality 16 Years of Practice
Dr. Brajesh Koushle

Dr. Brajesh Koushle


Additional Director - Orthopedics, Sports Injury, Arthroscopy and Joint Replacement

Orthopedic, Joint Replacement Surgeon

speciality 16 Years of Practice
Dr. Ankur Das

Dr. Ankur Das

MBBS, MS - Orthopedics

Consultant - Orthopedics

Joint Replacement Surgeon, Orthopedic

speciality 13 Years of Practice
Dr. Shyam Sunder Rendedla

Dr. Shyam Sunder Rendedla

MBBS, DNB - Orthopaedics, Fellowship - Minimal Invasive Spinal Surgery

Consultant - Spine Surgery

Orthopedic, Spine Surgeon

speciality 15 Years of Practice
Dr. Gourav Thakral

Dr. Gourav Thakral

MBBS, DNB - Orthopedics

Consultant - Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Surgery


speciality 15 Years of Practice


Anushka Dey green_tickVerified User


Very good and advisable for others good communication and giving good excellent suggestion he correctly diagnosed and giving good treatment
Lipi Nasreen green_tickVerified User


It was good consultation on call .
Haasika Reddy green_tickVerified User


The consultation with the doctor was too good. He explained the existing problem and suggested quite reasonable treatment and exercises. Really very good!
Aarathy Appukuttan Nair green_tickVerified User


dr is well known and gave proper treatment
Rashida Nal Wala green_tickVerified User


perfectly fine after met with doctor for treatment
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Best Orthopedic Doctors in Noida

The department of orthopedics works in bone or muscle deformity. It is a specialty of surgery and medicine that deals with the bones and joints, which is prone to degeneration. Credihealth, which provides skilled orthopedician, provides treatment from the top orthopedic doctors in Noida. Orthopedic specialists evaluate, identify, and treat musculoskeletal system illnesses and injuries. We have the best doctors available in Noida, which enables everybody to deliver excellent patient care and professional competency in Orthopaedic.

Orthopedics is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders in a patient. Our musculoskeletal system includes Bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves that enable us to move and be active.

Following is the rundown of 10 Best Orthopedic Doctors in Noida:

Get consulted with the Best Orthopedic doctor near you if you are suffering from severe joint pain who are working at the best orthopedic hospital in Noida. Here we have listed 10 Best orthopedic Doctors in Noida For Your Reference: 

Issues and disorders like Injury, degenerative, and metabolic disorders of the bone and joints plague are pervasive. Osteoarthritis is becoming the most frequent type of arthritis among Indian adults every year. Most bone and joint diseases affecting all age groups may now be prevented, diagnosed, and treated because of remarkable technical breakthroughs in the area.

Orthopedic Doctors in Noida are the physicians or surgeons that provide diagnosis and treatment services for our musculoskeletal system, including bones, joints, ligaments, nerves, and tendons (the tissues that connect bones and joints). A patient who has any musculoskeletal disorder must seek medical attention as soon as possible as it may lead to any serious health hazard. You can find the Top orthopedic doctors in Noida on Credihealth. 

Few services offered by an Orthopedic doctors in noida include – 

Identify and treat injuries resulting from sports or physical activity; 

Assist you in managing disorders that often worsen over time, such as arthritis or osteoporosis; Assist you in avoiding pain and suffering caused by misuse of a muscle or joint (also known as ‘overuse injuries.

When to visit an Orthopedic Doctor -

A person having consistent pain in the musculoskeletal system often seeks medical attention from orthopedic doctors. The pain duration can range from a few weeks to a few months when he or she is feeling severe pain, either consistently or in turns. Most of the patients have already tried home remedies that don’t prove to be effective. So you can seek an appointment with an orthopedic doctor if:

  • You are feeling a noticeable difference across the range of motions.

  • Difficulty or discomfort ness during walking

  • Suffering from knee or hip arthritis

  • Progressive pain that radiates to the spine that worsens upon standing

  • Daily routine work is affected by pain and discomfort

  • Chronic pain from more than 12 weeks

  • A soft tissue injury that is not healed after several days

If you have any of the above symptoms, you must seek orthopedic advice. Even slight negligence can cost you irreversible losses. So, if you have severe pain or suffered an injury to a bone, joint, tendon, or nerve, do visit an orthopedic doctor.

Treatments offered by an Orthopedic Doctors in Noida – 

Orthopedic doctors and surgeons provide treatment to repair broken bones and injuries to muscles and tendons, among other things, and help improve function and reduce pain. These orthopedic doctors can also collaborate with other professionals to improve therapy treatments, such as therapists, rehabilitation physicians, and pain management experts. 

That helps in better outcomes in terms of functionality and mobility with less discomfort and a higher quality of life. Here are the few surgical and non-surgical treatments offered by an orthopedic doctor

  • Joint replacement: The medical procedure involves replacing a joint with an artificial joint in a patient.

  • Osteotomy: The Doctor cuts the bone and repositions it to correct a bone deformity in a patient.

  • Internal fixation: The procedure involves using screws, plates, or pins to hold broken pieces of bone together.

  • Arthroscopy: The doctor takes the help of visuals inside the patient’s joint using a camera.

  • Soft tissue repair The surgeon repairs ligaments or tendons during the procedure.

  • Fusion: An surgical procedure in which a patient’s bones are fused using rods.

Some other non-surgical treatments performed by an Orthopedic Doctor –

fluid drainage, otherwise known as aspiration injections, such as:

  • injecting steroids into the bursa

  • ultrasound-guided steroid injections in the knee

  • facet joint injection

  • cervical epidural injection

  • lumbar epidural steroid injection

  • joint manipulation

  • bracing or casting

  • viscosupplementation to treat arthritis

  • extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT)

  • lumbar sympathetic block

How credihealth helps -

Credihealth assists you in finding the best orthopedic doctor in Noida, where you can schedule appointments, videos, or teleconsultations in just a single click. You may browse a list of the top health physicians in Noida by checking details about each doctor, such as experience, expertise, qualification, OPD hours, consultation fees, facilities, patient ratings and reviews, and so on.

Other options include online medicine ordering, scheduling a lab test, hiring a home attendant, and getting a second opinion on surgery or treatment. You can request a callback at 8010-994-994 or email us at to obtain medical help or a cost estimate for any treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find the best Orthopedic doctor in Noida?

A: You can find the best orthopedic doctor in Noida on credihealth. You can also call on 8010994994 to book video & teleconsultations with the orthopedic doctor.

Q: Are all orthopedic doctors also surgeons?

A: No, Not all orthopaedists perform surgeries. An orthopaedist may only diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions in a non-invasive manner. Diagnosis of the disease may be done through imaging tests. Once the cause and extent of damage to the muscle or bones, or joints is determined, the orthopaedist may suggest appropriate treatment.

Q: How do I consult an orthopedic?

A: You can book an appointment with an orthopedic either online or offline; depending on their doctor's availability and the patient's convenience, pre-booking may be required for consultation.

Q: Will orthopedic doctors in Noida offer to check the patient at home?

A: Yes, various orthopedic doctors visit the patient's home in case of Major injury or emergency. However, it is best to check the availability of the respective doctor beforehand through credihealth.

Q: When do I need to consult an orthopedic?

A: A Patient needs to consult with an orthopedist if they have any issues and disorders related to the skeletal system. An Orthopaedist provides diagnosis and treatment services for disease or condition or injury of the bones, muscles, joints, and ligaments associated with the skeletal system. An orthopaedist can treat medical conditions such as arthritis, back pain, sports injuries, and leg and foot pain.

Q: Does an orthopedic treat sports injury?

A: Sports injuries are often linked to the musculoskeletal system. Injuries, including ligament tear, sprains, fractures, muscle pull, or bruises, are usually found in sports. An orthopaedist is the best medical doctor to consult with sports injuries. After physical examination, the orthopaedist may ask for imaging tests to confirm the extent of damage and then treat accordingly.

Q: What specific preparation is required for the first visit to an Orthopedic Surgeon in India?

A: The patient needs to carry a medical history, the medical history of her/his family, and a list of questions and queries related to the problem and disorder.

Q: What are the Surgical treatments offered by an orthopedic?

A: In a few cases, when injury doesn't improve with conservative measures, may recommend surgery. These surgical methods performed by an orthopedic include Joint replacement, Internal fixation, Fusion, Osteotomy, Soft tissue repair, and Release surgery.

Q: What are imaging tests performed or recommended by an orthopedic?

A: Imaging tests are performed to detect the disorders related to the skeletal system. An orthopedic may perform or recommend diagnostic tests including X-rays, Arthrography, Bone scanning, Computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), CT Scan, Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA), Ultrasonography, etc.

Q: How often should an individual visit an orthopedic?

A: It's a matter of individual opinion, but regular checkups are recommended once a year, provided your age is more than 50 years. If your age is less than 50 years, you can visit an orthopedic every 3-years. If you are having any chronic disease, you can visit as per orthopedic recommendation.

Patient Stories

Review User

Tracy Thomas


This is the story of Tracy Thomas who is 17 years old and saw her legs turning inward. She was only 17 and her health was not allowing her to even walk. Because of her medical status, she had to quit college for a while and had to take the help of a nearby doctor. The doctor, however, refused to help, giving the excuse that it could be her natural way of keeping the legs. However, Tracy was feeling inferior because of her health issues as she got the most astonishing answer from the side of the doctor. Later, her mother had an appointment with the Orthopedic Doctor in Noida through the medium of Credihealth. She knew that there were many international hospitals connected with Credihealth that could give some help to her 17-year-old daughter.

How did Tracy receive help?

  • Tracy was told to have bed rest for a few days and not to walk around or do any strenuous exercise.

  • She was given every sort of help by the Orthopedic Doctor in Noida. She was told that she might be going through CMT. It is Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, which is one of the chronic diseases that affect the limbs of a person.

  • Meanwhile, Tracy’s legs were moving inward and she was having the worst time of her life. She quit her exercise session and lost contact with friends.

  • Tracy had a consultation with the best sports medicine doctor in Noida, who helped her in having immediate exercises and the medicines for the disease.

The doctor helped her with complete knowledge and the best remedy to go through. The doctor suggested her with the best medicinal help. Within a few months or after having plaster in her legs, Tracy got the chance to recover. She was told to have mild exercises during the time. It was the last time she saw her doctor.

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