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Dr. Vandana Prakash

Dr. Vandana Prakash

BA, MA, PhD - Psychology

Senior Consultant - Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences


speciality 27 Years of Practice
Dr. Manpreet Sodhi

Dr. Manpreet Sodhi

BA, M Phil - Clinical Psychology

Consultant - Clinical Psychology


speciality 13 Years of Practice
Dr. Anuna Bordoloi

Dr. Anuna Bordoloi

BA, MA, M Phil - Clinical Pyschology

Consultant - Clinical Psychology


speciality 10 Years of Practice


Vamika Vig green_tickVerified User


The staff is extremely courteous and considerate.
Ram Bilas Choudhary green_tickVerified User


Excellent doctor and staff.
Mahavir Singh green_tickVerified User


One of the most qualified and experienced Psychologist Specialists in the country.
Md Abdul Kader Mondal green_tickVerified User


Staff and doctor were extremely helpful.
G.R.Shanthi green_tickVerified User


Doctor who is very down to earth.

Choosing a Psychologist in Noida for mental health issues – 

Mental health illness is a dangerous disease that can harm an individual internally, which may happen due to several reasons, including childhood abuse, trauma, social isolation or loneliness, etc. Mental health issues are highly personal and challenging to comprehend. Symptoms of these issues and disorders can vary from patient to patient. Mental health issues can cause troubling thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and can affect physical health if not diagnosed and treated. Mental health doctors that provide treatment and therapy for such diseases are called psychologists and psychiatrists. 

A psychologist focuses on abnormal and normal mental states, emotional, cognitive, social processes, and behavior by observing, interpreting, and recording how people interact with one another and their environment. People often associate psychologists with talk therapy, although this profession comprises various disciplines, including animal research and organizational behavior. An individual dealing with mental health issues like insomnia, anxiety disorder, dyslexia, mental stress, bipolar disorder, drug addiction, schizophrenia can consult with a psychologist in Noida through Credihealth. 

Causes and risk factors of mental health issues – Mental health issues can occur to anyone as various factors can cause it. Many people are likely to be impacted by a complex mixture of circumstances. However, some people may be more profoundly influenced by particular elements than others. Few of mentioned factors could result in poor mental health for an individual – 

  • Abuse, trauma, or neglect as a youngster
  • social isolation or loneliness
  • prejudice and stigma
  • social disadvantage, poverty, or debt are all examples of social disadvantage.
  • loss of life (losing someone close to you)
  • long-term or severe stress
  • being afflicted with a long-term bodily ailment
  • losing a job or being laid off
  • Housing insecurity or homelessness
  • becoming someone’s long-term caregiver
  • Misuse of drugs and alcohol
  • Domestic violence, bullying, or other forms of abuse can happen at any point of time

As an adult, you may have experienced substantial trauma such as military service, involvement in a major incident in which you feared for your life, or being the victim of a violent crime.

Sometimes physical injuries and neurological conditions may also cause mental health problems in a patient that can change behavior and mood. Although job, nutrition, medicines, and lack of sleep can all impact your mental health, there are more elements at play when you have a mental health problem.  

Treatments offered by a psychologist - Several approaches are used by a psychologist to deal with mental health disorders in patients. Treatment procedures may vary from patient to patient based on their mental health issue and other health conditions. A Psychologist can change a treatment procedure in the middle of the treatment if there is no significant impact on the patient’s health. Also, some techniques or treatments are combined with other tandem or therapy to get better outcomes. At different points in their lives, a person with a persistent mental illness might pick from various alternatives. The person must engage closely with a mental health doctor who can assist them in identifying their requirements and providing appropriate therapy during the treatment. Few treatments methods that help to manage, prevent and treat mental health disease are explained below– 

Psychotherapy or talking therapies: Mental health treatment involves using various therapy approaches to manage or treat a patient’s illness. A psychologist can perform cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure treatment, and dialectical behavior therapy to treat different mental health issues.

Medication: Medication can be combined with psychotherapy treatment if required. A psychologist may also recommend medication, such as antidepressants, antipsychotics, and anxiolytics, to manage and treat such disease.

Other than these, Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, and mindfulness may be beneficial to people suffering from anxiety or depression. To get a second opinion on mental health treatment by a psychologist in Noida, you can book a video and teleconsultation through Credihealth.  

Book an appointment with Credihealth:

Credihealth is an online healthcare solution provider that allows you to schedule appointments with doctors and hospitals anywhere in India. You may also schedule video and teleconsultations for mental health concerns, including Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Phobia, Relationship Issues, Parenting Issues, Grief & Trauma, and more at Credihealth. Through counseling and talk therapy, our mental health specialists assure the development of psychological and physical wellness. Patients with mental health difficulties can get real-time help from online therapists for mental health counseling. You can also call us on 8010994994 to schedule an appointment offline with a psychologist in Noida.

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