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    Does fat in breasts cause overheating and DNA damage leading to cancer?

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    Nidhi lyp user 1574664666
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    Cancer attacks your body due to a random mutation of cells that gets out of control and spreads. The majority of breast cancers are hereditary, or blind unlucky chance. Fat is not directly linked with the enhanced cancer risk factor but it affects the estrogen hormone balance in your body which plays a vital role in developing breast cancer. Hormones are a massive factor in breast cancer. Many tumours are fuelled by a woman’s natural estrogen and progesterone, so inducing menopause surgically or chemically with tamoxifen is often the recommended treatment. Cells divide millions of times a day. Sometimes they divide and mutate and go haywire. New treatments like herceptin are miraculous as they target her2 receptors and prevent it growing back. Fat necrosis is another condition that often confuses women. But the thing is that Fat necrosis of the breast is a benign condition that most commonly occurs as the result of breast trauma or surgical intervention. Fat necrosis can be confused with a malignancy on physical examination and may mimic malignancy on radiologic studies. It is sometimes necessary to biopsy these lesions to confirm the diagnosis.