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    I had my last period sometime in October 2017. After that, I had sex with my boyfriend thrice. We used condoms each time. I don't feel anything unusual, but this is a long time since I had my last period. Am I pregnant?

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    Periods can be late but they do start eventually. Stress can delay a female's period. Stress can cause a delay in ovulation which can result in delayed periods. As long the condom didn't break you are not pregnant. It's the stress that keeping your period from starting. Try to stay calm and relax and don't worry so much. You can take a pregnancy test as soon as your period is late. If the test shows up negative you can test another test a few days later. Not all pregnant tests are the same. Also a female can have side effects from the pill. Note: Missed periods does not always mean a female is pregnant. Besides stress, hormones can get unbalanced for any number of reasons and that can cause delay in the cycle. Delay doesn't necessarily mean anything. One can also have a monthly period all the way through a pregnancy. The more you stress out the more likely your period will be delayed. If you are over a week due then you should check with a gynecologist and take the pregnancy test.