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डॉ. नेवदीठ कडापति

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Mrs. Seema Ranjan


Mrs. Seema Ranjan (name changed), a 72 years old resident of Kerala, had a lengthy list of medical issues, the most recent being gastric issues, back pain, and headaches. Her daughter contacted Credihealth to get recommendations for an internal medicine doctor for her mother.

How We Helped:

  • The medical expert spoke in detail with Mrs. Ranjan and her daughter. The expert provided information about all the medical issues and problems Mrs. Rajan was facing. The expert also provided doctor recommendations in Trivandrum.

  • The specialist who Mrs. Rajan wanted to consult with had a very long waiting time. So, the expert spoke with the hospital coordinator and managed to quicken the appointment process.

  • A consultation was finalised for Mrs. Ranjan the very next day on a priority basis. The expert informed Mrs. Ranjan about the consultation and guided her through the hospital processes.

Mrs. Ranjan was advised medication for her ailments. She was extremely happy with the appointment and Credihealth’s assistance for her medical needs.

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Internal Medicine