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आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान कृष्णा, सिकंदराबाद

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उन व्यक्तियों से प्राप्त प्रतिक्रिया के आधार पर जिन्होंने क्रेडीहैल्थ के माध्यम से नियुक्तियाँ बुक की हैं

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Mon - Sat09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

2004 में स्थापित, मेडिकल साइंसेज (आई एम एस) सिकंदराबाद में स्थित कृष्णा इंस्टीट्यूट एक बहु विशेषता केंद्र है। केंद्र राज्य को अत्याधुनिक बुनियादी ढांचे प्रदान करता है और तकनीकी रूप से अप टू डेट है। अस्पताल कुशल पेशेवरों, हर चिकित्सा विभाग में गुणवत्ता स्वास्थ्य सेवा प्रदान करने के उद्देश्य से एक अनुभवी टीम से मिलकर बनता है। इसकी सबसे हाल ही में मील का पत्थर 2010 मे...
अधिक पढ़ें

MBBS, डी जी ओ, एमडी

सलाहकार - प्रसूति एवं स्त्री रोग

39 वर्षों का अनुभव, 1 पुरस्कार

प्रसूति एवं स्त्रीरोग विज्ञान

एमबीबीएस, FRCP, FRCP

वरिष्ठ सलाहकार - कार्डियोलोजी

58 वर्षों का अनुभव,

कार्डिएक सर्जरी

MBBS, एमएस - सर्जरी, FRCS

वरिष्ठ सलाहकार - जीआई और एचपीबी सर्जरी

48 वर्षों का अनुभव,

सर्जिकल गैस्ट्रोएंटरोलॉजी

एमबीबीएस, एमडी - आंतरिक दवाई, DM - Neurdlogy

मुख्य सलाहकार - तंत्रिका विज्ञान

42 वर्षों का अनुभव,


MBBS, डी एम आर टी, FIMSA

मानद सलाहकार - विकिरण कैंसर विज्ञान

43 वर्षों का अनुभव,

विकिरण कैंसर विज्ञान

MBBS, एमएस,

सलाहकार - कार्डियोथोरेसिक और हृदय सर्जन

39 वर्षों का अनुभव,

कार्डिएक सर्जरी

MBBS, एमडी, डीएम - कार्डियोलोजी

वरिष्ठ सलाहकार - कार्डियोलोजी

42 वर्षों का अनुभव,

कार्डिएक सर्जरी

MBBS, एमएस, डी एन बी - सीटी सर्जरी

मुख्य सलाहकार - कार्डियोथोरेसिक और हृदय सर्जरी

35 वर्षों का अनुभव, 3 पुरस्कार

कार्डिएक सर्जरी

एमबीबीएस, एमडी - आंतरिक दवाई, डीएम - कार्डियोलोजी

सीनियर सलाहकार - कार्डियोलोजी

26 वर्षों का अनुभव,

बाल चिकित्सा कार्डिएक सर्जरी

MBBS, एमडी, डीएम - कार्डियोलोजी

सलाहकार - कार्डियोलोजी

34 वर्षों का अनुभव,

कार्डिएक सर्जरी

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Q: What are the OPD timings?

Q: What are the visiting hours?

Q: What are the visiting hours for ICU patients?

Q: Is there any cafeteria?

Q: How much time does the discharge process take?

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Patient Stories

Review User

Ms Ashna Sheikh


Ashna Sheikh is a resident of Hyderabad and is nearly 39 years old. Once, while enjoying a picnic near her residence, she appeared to have certain symptoms like pain in her left arm and headaches. She didn’t give any attention to the symptoms and went to enjoy her time with her friends. Once, while making food in the kitchen, she appeared to have strong pain in her arm and lower back pain. It was so severe that she could not gather her courage to make food and divert her mind. She immediately talked to her husband. Husband, on the other hand, searched about the symptoms on the internet and came to know that these are the symptoms of a heart attack. Being curious about the health of his wife, Ashna Sheikh was immediately taken to one of the best KIMS Hospital Secunderabad.


How did Ashna receive help?

  • Ashna was asked a few questions regarding the pain. She was asked whether she received chest pain in the past to which she replied no.

  • The doctors of the KIMS Hospital Secunderabad had all the tests including a thallium stress test, which found two arteries blocked in her heart.

  • Ashna was informed that she had a heart attack which is quite different from what men receive. Ashna was given balloon angioplasty, which is a kind of balloon placed inside the artery. The balloon inflates and deflates many times while the artery opens.

  • Ashna developed a fear of death as she never expected this to happen. After 5 years, she received her bypass surgery and had her angioplasty done within the gap of two years.

  • She once had a heart attack that followed the induction of three stents in her heart. A stent is attached to the artery after angioplasty to hold the artery.

Ashna Sheikh, who first had her heart attack symptoms back at the age of 29, had to spend her 10 years with the doctors in the hospital. She is happy to receive timely help from the doctors of KIMS Hospital Secunderabad. Today, she is pursuing her teaching job and has informed the same to other colleagues. She often amazes the use of techniques and the symptoms of women in case of a heart attack.

Credihealth's team for the selfless service and guidance provided at every step. 

Review User

Mr. Pawandeep Rajan


Fifty-seven years old Pawandeep Rajan, from Nepal, was diagnosed with heart failure. He was having chronic chest pain for the past 2 months or so. His brother, Pahardeep, living in India contacted Credihealth to get the hospital’s recommendations for heart for his in Secundrabad. 

The patient needed a resilient cardiologist to attend to his heart problem immediately.

Value Added (Care is still within everyone's reach) -

· The medical expert jotted down the entire medical history of the patient for updating the hospital’s administration about this condition. They even needed the details for calculating the entire cost estimates for the treatment.

· The medical expert discussed with the patient’s family the expenses of the treatment. Even, the hospital’s management was made aware of such a condition. This coordination helped Mr. Rajan in arranging a good heart hospital for his ailing heart. KIMS Hospital Secunderabad had some vacant beds for this patient. 

· Our medical expert talked with the manager about admitting the patient immediately. After finishing the admission procedure, the patient was hurried for having numerous diagnostic tests before proceeding with surgery.


Still now, the team of Credihealth is in regular touch with the patient's brother for getting the health updates and necessary counseling for assisting the patient’s family. 

Mr. Pawandeep Rajan is now recovering very soon. His brother is extremely grateful to Credihealth's team for the selfless service and guidance provided at every step. This help in this critical condition to make heart surgery happen is something extraordinary.


आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान कृष्णा, सिकंदराबाद