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AMRI Hospital, Dhakuria, Kolkata

AMRI Hospital Dhakuria Kolkata

Plot No 4/5, Block No A, Scheme L11, Dhakuria Gariahat Road, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700042, India

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4.73 (1251 Reviews)
Based on feedback received from individuals who have booked appointments through Credihealth

OPD Timings:

Mon - Sat10:00 AM - 07:00 PM

The first Public-private venture in healthcare came into being in the year 1996. Beginning with OPD services, AMRI Hospital Dhakuria moved towards inpatient services and by 1997, it had 150 beds under its roof. The Annexe building of the hospital came into being in 2005, with a bed strength of 200, and further 75 beds were added in 2014. The hospital is known fo...
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Navin Choudhary green_tickVerified User


Got solution from doctor and his suggestion was more help full. He advised for 2 moths medicines will see how it will work.
Rajib Dey Sarkar green_tickVerified User


Waiting time

I had visited the hospital and it was my health related. Doctor was good in consulting me. Doctor was available and there was no waiting time in hospital. I can definitely recommend the doctor to my family and friends.It was very good. Tablets were prescribed by the doctor. It was very much satisfactory.
Sanjib Bera green_tickVerified User


Explained the treatment process very well and very friendly doctor with point to point explanation. Highly recommended doctor.
Natarajan green_tickVerified User


The doctor was friendly and to the point. Did not talk about random stuff. Just the problem in hand.
V Danesh green_tickVerified User


He has a lot of experience as a doctor and is also very nice to be around. I've never seen a doctor with as much knowledge and skill as this one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I book an appointment or teleconsultation with the doctor to practice at Amri hospital Dhakuria Kolkata?

A: You can browse an AMRI Hospital doctor's list through Credihealth. an individual can also raise a call-back request on 8010-994-994 to book an appointment with the doctor of the hospital directly.

Q: How to reach this hospital?

A: This hospital is located near the Dhakuria Gariahat road and the address is Plot no. 4/5, block no A, scheme L 11, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Q: How Old is AMRI Hospital Dhakuria?

A: The hospital was established in 1962.

Q: What are the visiting hours at AMRI Hospital Dhakuria for IPD patients?

A: You can visit an IPD patient between 10 am to 10.30 am in the morning & 4:30 Pm to 6:30 Pm in the evening.

Q: What are the Diagnostic Imaging Services available at the AMRI Hospital?

A: AMRI Hospital Dhakuria offers Diagnostic imaging services including Bone Mineral Densitometry (DEXA), Computerised Tomography Scan (CT scan), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Mammography screening test, Ultrasonography (USG), Magnetic Resonance Guided Focused Ultrasounds, Image-Guided Biopsies, and Interventions Interventional Radiology, X-Ray, Positron Emission Tomography Scan (PET-Scan), etc.

Q: Does the AMRI hospital Dhakuria have Wi-Fi and a cafeteria inside the campus?

A: Yes, AMRI hospital Dhakuria has Wi-Fi and cafeteria services for patient and visitors both.

Q: How much is the bed strength of AMRI Hospital Dhakuria for the patients?

A: The bed strength of Amri hospital Kolkata is 1000. It is sufficient to manage every possible emergency.

Q: Does the Amri hospital provide treatment facilities for the international patient?

A: Yes, Amri Hospital Kolkata ensures quality diagnosis and treatment services for both national and international patients.

Q: Are there any AMRI Hospital centres?

A: Yes, there are other visiting centers of Amri Hospital. These are Amri hospital centers:- Amri Hospital Dhakuria - block no A, scheme L 11, Dhakuria Gariahat Road, Kolkata. Amri Hospital Salt Lake City - Kolkata, West Bengal, 700098. Amri Hospital Mukundapur - Purba Jadavpur, Kolkata, 700099, India.

Q: Does the hospital offer diagnostic tests?

A: Yes, Amri Hospital Dhakuria offers a good range of diagnostic tests for people.

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Patient Stories

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Sometimes life offers you a second chance to live with the conditions you have and give you the best version of yourself. Vandana is around 29 years old and has been a patient with depression for the last year. She came to know about her depression last year in September and she has been taking medications for the same since February 2021. During the time of lockdown in 2019, she felt the need to leave the job because of the infections and the spreading of the virus. Also, many offices and the school were having some changes in their regulations. So it was causing difficulty for Vandana to continue with her job and look for another one.

How did Vandana receive help?

  • Vandana started spending her spare time gymming, watching TV, and doing everything that she could not perform while pursuing her regular job.

  • Somewhere things were different this time. Vandana was not talking the way she should have earlier.

  • She got a lot of changes in her personality and this was affecting her parents.

  • Once Vandana got herself injured while performing exercises in the gym. The way she talked to the doctors of Amri Hospital Kolkata, the doctor suggested to the parents that something was wrong with her brain activities.

  • On one hand, without informing Vandana, the doctor had an EEG to detect the signals of her brain. On other hand, the doctors came to know that everything was normal with Vandana but the way she was talking clearly showed how she was going through various issues.

It was the first time when Vandana came to know that she was having depression. This is not only the case of Vandana but many others in India, where people go through depression and often feel uncomfortable accepting things.

AMRI Hospital, Dhakuria, Kolkata