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Best Blood Cancer Hospital in India

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MIOT International

4/112, Mount Poonamalle Road, Sathya Nagar, Manapakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600089, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Jaslok Hospital

15 - Deshmukh Marg, Pedder Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400026, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Manipal Hospital

98, Kodihalli, Near HAL Bus Stop, Old Airport Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560017, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Manipal Hospital

#143, 212-2015, KR Puram Hobli, Off Hoodi Village, Whitefield, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560066, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Apollo Health City

Road No 72, Opp. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Film Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500033, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Manipal Hospital

No. 71, 11th Main Rd, Opp. Railway Station, Malleshwaram, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560003, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Manipal Hospital

45/1, 45th Cross, 9th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560069, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Fortis Hospital

14, Cunningham Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560052, India

Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Fortis Memorial Research Institute

Sector 44, Opposite HUDA City Centre Metro Station, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122002, India


Speciality Super Speciality Hospital

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals

Mathura Road, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi NCR, 110076, India


Speciality Super Speciality Hospital


Manoj Kumar Trivedi green_tickVerified User


My friend Anita, met Dr. Avinash Deo for getting the best treatment for her mother. The professionally expert doctor gave a few doses of chemotherapy for blood cancer treatment. It was the doctor’s positivity that resulted in getting rid of this severe condition.
Deepak Sharma green_tickVerified User


We are glad to have blood cancer treatment of aunt by Dr. Avinash Deo. He was much more emphatic toward her while the entire treatment. The advice of this doctor helped get away from this disease. I will always recommend this doctor.
Bhavesh Pragjibhai Vekariya green_tickVerified User


The doctor explains the severity of the cancer with compassion. His friendly nature gives the confidence of fighting off this deadly disease easily. I have been cured of blood cancer by this excellent Hemato oncologist only. I am quite thankful to the doctor for his attention and care.
Rajesh Lath green_tickVerified User


I am grateful to the doctor for everything.
Kalawati Devi green_tickVerified User


The consultation that Dr. Avinash Deo provided was quite helpful.
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Human blood consists of Red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and other components. The job of RBC is to transport oxygen throughout the body, whereas the role of WBC is to combat infections that assault our bodies. These WBC change their nature and begin to attack the RBC and platelets. Our blood is responsible for a wide range of functions in the human body. To sustain effective functioning, worn-out blood cells are regularly replaced by healthy blood cells. Blood cancer is a disorder that occurs when a small number of cells or components of the blood become cancerous. Usually, blood cancer affects the production and function of our blood cells in the body. The type of cancer occurs in the bone marrow that integrally responsible for blood production. Blood cancer is a lethal disease that affects a patient’s health very badly. However, the treatments and diagnosis of the disease are available easily and getting innovative day by day. Various best Blood cancer hospitals in India offer advanced technology-based cancer treatment and compassionate care.

The hematology department of a hospital deals with blood-related diseases, including blood cancer. The department also performs various studies to evaluate new methods and clinical trials for the prognosis, treatment, and prevention of such diseases. A patient who experiences any symptoms and has the risk of blood cancer can browse a list of the best hospital in India for blood cancer on Credihealth.

When to visit a blood cancer hospital in India

Patients with blood cancer symptoms and a family history of blood cancer must go for regular checkups or screening options. Getting diagnosed right away is the best key for quality treatment for any type of cancer. Diagnostic management comprises blood testing, bone marrow examinations, and imaging tests to determine if the symptoms are cancer-related and you require blood cancer therapy in India. Signs and symptoms of blood cancer can be different in two patients. however, few common symptoms may include - 

  • Fever and chills

  • Persistent coughing

  • Pain in the chest

  • High frequency of infectious illnesses

  • Constant weakness, fatigue, or night sweats

  • Shortness of breath

  • Itchy skin or a rash

  • Lymph nodes in the groin, armpits, or neck that are swollen but not painful.

  • Changes in appetite

  • Nausea

An oncology expert can perform a blood cancer diagnosis as soon as the patient visit with particular symptoms to the oncologist. You can find blood cancer doctors through Credihealth anywhere in India.

Treatments offered at the best blood cancer hospital in India

An Oncology department of the blood cancer hospital in India may recommend any treatment type as it depends on the type of blood cancer patient has. Few other factors, including the patient’s age, spread & stage of cancer, can also affect the treatment option. 

Emerging technologies in the healthcare field, especially in oncology, have vastly improved over the last several decades. Many forms of blood malignancies are now successfully treated. The following are some of the most common treatments for blood cancer:

  • Chemotherapy – To kill and stop the formation of cancer cells, Cancer doctor uses anticancer medications to inject into the veins or taken as pills.
  • Radiation therapy – The doctor uses high-energy rays to kill cancer cells to treat the patient. 
  • Targeted therapies – This type of cancer treatment employs medications targeting and killing cancerous blood cells while causing no damage to healthy ones. The most prevalent treatment option for leukemia is targeted therapy.
  • Stem cell transplantation – The treatment helps to remove cancerous blood cells; healthy stem cells are put into your body to help you restore normal blood production.
  • Cancer Surgery – In order to treat certain lymphomas, this surgical treatment entails removing the afflicted lymph nodes.
  • Immunotherapy – The most preferred treatment for blood cancer activates a patient’s immune system to destroy or kill cancer cells.

Finding the best hospital in India for blood cancer – Credihealth is an online healthcare solution provider that ensures finding you the best hospital, doctor, diagnosis lab test center, home care services, etc. You can choose the best blood cancer hospital in India based on the patient ratings and reviews, IPD hours, services, facility, etc. 

You may also schedule a consultation with one of our health professionals by contacting us at 8010-994-994 or sending an email to to learn more about our physicians and therapies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the symptoms of blood cancer?

A: A patient may experience Fever, chills, Persistent fatigue, weakness, Bone/joint pain, Unexplained weight loss, Swollen lymph nodes, liver and spleen, Anemia as symptoms of blood cancer.

Q: Is it possible to cure blood cancer?

A: Treatment of blood cancer depends on the type, stage, and spread of the blood cancer. However, many blood malignancies are now very curable because of advances in blood cancer therapy over the last several decades.

Q: Which diagnosis test does a doctor perform to detect Blood cancer?

A: A doctor may perform CBC (complete blood count) is a frequent blood test to assist in diagnosing some blood malignancies, such as leukemia and lymphoma. It also helps to examine the spread of blood cancer to patient bone marrow.

Q: Is it possible to cure blood cancer in its last stages?

A: Chemotherapy is considered the most effective type of cancer treatment for blood cancer. Rate of curability for blood cancer, however, the early & right treatment and medication can ensure that most patient becomes completely cancer-free even at their last stage.

Q: Where Can I find the best blood cancer hospital in India?

A: You browse the best blood cancer hospital in India on Credihealth. Also, an individual can raise a call back request on 8010994994 to get medical assistance for a blood cancer hospital in India.

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