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Jaslok Hospital

15 - Deshmukh Marg, Pedder Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400026, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

Rao Saheb Achutrao Patwardhan Marg, Four Bunglows, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400053, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital

Hill Side Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400076, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Global Hospital

35, D.E.Borges Road, Hospital Avenue Opp Shirodkar High school, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400012, India

Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

S L Raheja Hospital

Raheja Rugnalaya Marg, Mahim (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400016, India


Speciality Super Speciality Hospital

Fortis Hospital

Mulund Goregaon Link Road, Mulund (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400078, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Terna Speciality Hospital and Research Centre

Plot No.12, Sector 22, Opp. Nerul Railway Station, Phase-2, Nerul, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400706, India

Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Wockhardt Super Speciality Hospital

The Umrao IMSR, Near Railway Station, Mira Road East, North Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 401107, India


Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre

Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road, Prathna Samaj, Girgaum, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400004, India

Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital

Fortis Hospital

Shill Road, Bail Bazaar, Kalyan, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 421301, India

Speciality Multi Speciality Hospital


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I made an appointment online and was pleased with the doctor.
Ashoka Ghosh green_tickVerified User


Dr. Amol Akhade is an outstanding physician, and I have complete faith in his care.
Maya Sinha green_tickVerified User


Dr. Amol Akhade is a really friendly doctor whom we would strongly recommend. It is a great cancer treatment facility.
Kazi Safikul Islam green_tickVerified User


Doctor's care was excellent.
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During our appointment, Dr. V Anand Naik advised everything concerning my health.
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Best Gastroenterology Hospital in Mumbai -

Gastroenterology hospital that studies all functions and diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract. Every gastroenterology hospital in Mumbai helps patients normally perform and treat diseases related to the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts, and liver. The hospital offers diagnostic testing like CT scans, blood tests, X-rays, and stool culture tests to report any anomalies during a physical examination. The best gastroenterologists analyze reports from tests to determine if a patient needs medication or surgery to address digestive issues. Routine procedures like colonoscopies are also commonly performed at the gastroenterology hospital in Mumbai. You may know more about the doctor list, other diagnostic tests, treatments, and surgeries performed at a Gastroenterology hospital on Credihealth.

When to visit a gastroenterology hospital in Mumbai?

As soon as you experience symptoms of digestive system-related issues, visiting a gastroenterology hospital would help. A gastroenterology hospital can treat you through medication, non-surgical and surgical treatment depending on your illness or disorder.

The symptoms of a GT tract issues vary, but they include:

  • Abdominal pain and discomfort

  • Bleeding in the digestive tract

  • Constipation and Diarrhoea

  • Difficulty Swallowing

  • Severe and persistent Heartburn/indigestion

  • Stomach upset, nausea, vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Ulcers

  • Unexplained weight loss

  • Anal cancer

What imaging tests are offered at gastroenterology hospital?

Fecal Occult Blood Test – 

A fecal occult blood test examines the feces for concealed (occult) blood. A tiny bit of feces is placed on a specific card, which is later examined in the laboratory.

Stools Culture – 

A stool culture looks for abnormal bacteria in the digestive tract that might cause diarrhea and other issues. A tiny amount of feces is taken and submitted to a laboratory. The test aids in detecting whether or not aberrant germs are present for two or three days.

Ultrasound -

Ultrasound scans blood arteries, tissues, and organs using high-frequency sound waves and a computer. Ultrasounds are used to see the function of internal organs and monitor blood flow.

CT Scan - 

This diagnostic imaging procedure uses x-rays and computer technologies to generate horizontal and vertical body images. A CT scan aids in providing bone, muscle, fat, and organ images. CT scans provide better image & diagnostic results than x-rays.

Barium Swallow Test -

A barium swallow X-ray exam examines the upper digestive system. During this procedure, you consume liquid barium, which covers the esophagus, stomach, and intestines and is visible on X-rays. A radiologist can analyze these structures as the barium liquid drops. A barium swallow is performed with other tests to evaluate the information about the esophagus.

Treatment offered at gastroenterology hospital - 

Gastrointestinal and minimally invasive surgeons at a gastroenterology hospital collaborate with other disciplines to develop an acceptable treatment strategy for a patient. Among these specialties are gastroenterologists, general surgeons, endocrinologists, and oncologists.

  • Weight reduction surgeries

  • Colorectal surgery

  • Hernia surgery

  • Splenectomy

  • Gastric bypass

  • Gastric banding

Why choose Credihealth?

Credihealth is an online healthcare portal that allows you to find the best gastroenterology hospital in Mumbai and India. You can browse appointment bookings, diagnostic test bookings, ordering medications, or homecare services through Credihealth. Credihealth provides you end to end cancer care by offering the followings:  

  • Get recommended the best Gastroenterology hospital in Mumbai for digestive care.

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  • Access essential information about a doctor, such as a doctor's OPD timings, fees, expertise, specialty, and patient ratings and reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When to visit a gastroenterology hospital?

Q: What are the symptoms of digestive issues?

Q: What can I expect during my first visit to the gastroenterology hospital?

Q: Why is endoscopy performed?

Q: Is the endoscopy performed on an empty stomach?

Q: What are colon cancer symptoms?

Q: How can I find the best gastroenterology hospital in Mumbai?

Patient Stories

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Sunaina is around 5 years old. It was not until 5 years of age that Sunaina detected something wrong with her body. She started complaining about stomach pain on the very first day of her school. The parents first thought it was an excuse for not going to school. For the moment, Sunaina agreed to go to school and after coming home she described her story of enjoying school time. Everything seems normal and after two days again, Sunaina started complaining of her stomach pain. The parents thought it was an excuse for the change in the routine because Sunaina would now have to go to school. But, Sunaina’s stomach pain was produced even on touch. Touching could depict how painful her stomach was.

How did Sunaina receive help?

  • Sunaina, who was feeling pain on touch, was first taken to the nearby hospital where she was tested, diagnosed, and given certain medications for the stomach pain.

  • After a few days, Sunaina again complained of stomach pain. The family was now confused about what to do and what was the actual reason for the stomach pain.

  • The parents visited Gastroenterology Hospital in Mumbai through the medium of Credihealth and came to know that Sunaina was going through celiac disease. It is an autoimmune disorder that is reactive against gluten and makes the body attack its own immune system if gluten is taken accidentally.

  • Now, the family was given a lecture by the doctor about what gluten is and how you can stop the prevalent disease called celiac disease with the help of cutting gluten.

  • The parents choose the diet therapy for their child and try every step to make their kitchen free from gluten. On the other hand, Sunaina had to go through small surgery to check whether the issues of stomach pain had infected the other organs or not.

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