Pop E Tablet: Price, Uses & Side Effects

Pop E Tablet elevates the depleted blood platelet count associated with dengue fever. Its primary components predominantly consist of extracts derived from the leaves of the papaya tree (Carica papaya). The extract of papaya leaf found in the medicine has demonstrated efficacy in enhancing the activity of the two genes responsible for platelet formation. Consequently, stimulating these genes facilitates an increase in the blood platelet count.

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  • Pop E Tablet
  • Pop E Tablet
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General Information

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Medicine NamePop E Tablet
Contains Carica Papaya
Manufacturer Karnataka Antibiotics
StorageStore in a cool and dry place
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Pop E Tablet Key Points

The medicine is mainly prescribed for treating dengue, where the platelet count decreases drastically. However, A doctor can prescribe Pop E for different needs, but it is crucial to understand the uses, benefits, side effects, and more that can come from this medicine. Also, it is good to be aware of the overdosing and use of Pop E with other medicines.

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Before taking any drug, Consult with qualified phycian is mandatory

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Uses of a Pop E Tablet

One of the most severe symptoms of dengue fever, which should never be ignored, is its ability to cause a decline in blood platelet count. These low Blood platelet counts can lead to reduced immunity as platelets are a crucial part of the body's defense system.

Pop E are used to boom low blood platelets that help deal with Dengue fever. The increased platelet count after having this drug is the outcome of gene stimulation that helps form these platelets. This further results in enhanced immune system defense capability.

Benefits of Pop E 1100 MG

Pop E tablet, derived from extracts of leaves carica papaya, are a popular medicine for treating low blood platelet count. The medicine contains enzymes like papain and chymopapain for digestion that alleviate digestive disorders and relieve bloating. A few common benefits of the medicine include:

  • Relief fever pain
  • Improved Blood platelet count
  • Enhanced Digestive Health
  • Reduced Inflammation and Swelling
  • Boosted immunity

Administration of Pop E?

Administration of Pop E?

The patient's medical history, along with their age and gender, determines the dosage of Pop E tablet for an individual. Individuals with specific symptoms should only intake the dosage after a doctor's consultation. The Pop E tablet can be swallowed with water or a glass of milk. Cutting/breaking the tablet or chewing it is not recommended. The best is to take a fixed dosage for optimal results as your physician prescribes. Always ask your doctor what to do if you miss it at the prescribed time.

Pop E Tablet dosage?

Pop E Tablet dosage?

The medication dosage is always a typical treatment case that may vary as every patient and their issues differ. The increased dosage can be based on the severe symptoms of the disease, the route of administration, the patient's age, and medical history. Deciding the dosage quantity on the doctor's recommendation is always recommended.

Directions to use Pop E

  • Pop E Tablet can be consumed with or without food, but you should precisely follow your doctor's dosage recommendation and instructions.
  • It is preferable to take Pop E at a predetermined time.
  • It is critical that this medication not be taken more than the recommended dose as it may harm your health.
  • Do not attempt to break, crush, or chew the tablet; swallow the tablet immediately after removal from the strip.
  • Do not miss or forget to take the dose.
  • Do not take two different tablet doses simultaneously on your own as this mediatic can cause bleeding when interacting with Warfarin or Aspirin. It can also reduce blood sugar levels if you take them with anti-diabetic medicines.

Side effects of Pop E 1100 MG Medication

Side effects of Pop E 1100 MG Medication
  • Skin rash
  • Moderate to mild constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Vertigo
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness

Precautions to consider while taking Pop E Medications

  • Pop E can cause liver, heart, and kidney issues. Thus, you should consult with the doctor before consuming them.
  • Keep it out of children's reach.
  • It should be stored in a cool place far away from the sunlight.
  • Be vigilant for the allergic reactions that can occur if you have any disorder related to prostate glands or benign prostatic disease.
  • Ongoing diabetes, hypertension, kidney, or liver problems treatment may impact you adversely. So, you should always consult a doctor before starting the Pop E tablet.
  • Be cautious if you are on amiodarone medication that is used to treat heart problems.
  • Be watchful if you are on other medications or supplements or following complementary or integrative health approaches.
  • Always mention your ongoing medication if you are planning or undergoing surgery soon.
  • You should not take the medication longer when you have bleeding, sickness, or diabetes without a doctor's recommendation. It should always be taken as advised via ways of means of the health practitioner or pharmacist. It would help if you told the doctor about other medications using herbal preparation and supplements to avoid interactions.
  • You should not take the medication without prior consultation if you are pregnant.

Overdose on the Pop E tablet: What to do?

If you have taken an excessive tablet dose, inform the doctor and reach the nearest hospital. Delaying the consultation may impact your health severely. So, it would be best to consult immediately to mitigate any medicinal interactions.

Missing a dose of the Pop E tablet: What to do?

Missing a dose of the Pop E tablet: What to do?

Try not to miss the tablet, but if you do, take Pop E Tab as soon as you remember. However, if your next dose is soon, skipping the missed dose is better than taking it twice. Try to make a schedule for medicinal intake to reduce the chances of skipping.


Pop E medicines are life-saving tablet that proved helpful in most dengue cases by increasing the blood count. Though beneficial, these medications are also very interactive, and thus, you should not take them with other ongoing drugs like blood thinners, aspirin, or ibuprofen. Pop E tablet should be taken only after a doctor's consultation. The instruction should be followed to take the drug, as there are many side effects and severe complications resulting from wrong administration.

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Before taking any drug, Consult with qualified phycian is mandatory

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly searched FAQs on in .


How does Pop E Tablet work?

Pop E Tablet has carica papaya leaf extract, which can help people with dengue fever who have low platelet counts. It works by making some genes work more, which helps the body make more platelets.


What is directions for use of Pop E 1100 MG?

Pop E Tablet should be taken as directed by your physician.


Can one take Pop E 1100 mg Tablet while feeding the baby?

You can take Pop E tablets, but it is essential to consult with the doctors first.


Can one drive if they have consumed the tablets?

It is not expected that the Pop E tablet will affect the ability to drive, but you can feel well or be unable to alert while going.


Can one consume alcohol while taking Pop E?

There are no direct interactions between tablets with alcohol, so that they can be safe for consumption.


What is the precaution for taking Pop-E tablets?

Pop E tablets should not be taken if you are pregnant or driving.


What are the side effects of Pop E Tablet?

Pop E Tablet has a few possible side effects, including sickness, vomiting, stomach discomfort, and heartburn.


Can One take two doses of Pop E tablet at the same time?

You should take only one dose of the medication simultaneously.


Does a pop e tablet treat dengue fever?

Pop E Tablet has Carica papaya leaf extract, which helps increase the low platelet count in dengue fever. It does this by making certain genes more active, which helps produce more platelets.


Are there any dietary restrictions while using Pop-E syrup or tablets?

There are no specific dietary restrictions while using Pop E medicine. However, it is always recommended to consult your doctor to avoid drug interaction.