Kidney Stone Removal

What is Kidney Stone Removal?

A hard mass developed from crystals and separated by the urinary tract is called kidney stone. If your pain gets worse, you should immediately consult the best urologist nearby. The process of kidney stone removal is known as “Lithotripsy”. The doctor skilled in diagnosing kidney related issues is called a urologist. Actually, it depends on different factors of your body, if the kidney stone removal is required or not because there are few cases in which the issue can be solved by taking medications only. Factors on which Kidney Stone Removal depends on are the size of kidney stone and the pain faced. The treatment proceeds through a surgical method known as percutaneous nephrolithotomy. This procedure is used in case of large kidney stones.

What does the Kidney Stone Removal cost in India?

Kidney Stone Removal cost in India is done by two methods. If done by laser or holmium laser, kidney stone removal cost ranges between 50 to 80K and by general process range is between 15 to 35K. Extra expenses in heart valve treatment are higher due to the tests required to get assured whether the Kidney Stone Removal is actually required or not.

Why is Kidney Stone Removal required?

Kidney stone in the human body can cause severe issues like cancer, that is why the removal procedure is recommended by the doctors in critical cases. An experienced urologist should be consulted If any symptoms like severe pain below the ribs, pain on urination, nausea, and vomiting are felt for a prolonged period. These symptoms if not diagnosed timely may result in severe kidney disorders. Being obese is the biggest risk factor in Kidney stone removal. Below given are the precautions you should care about after kidney stone removal, Have a look.

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat less salt.
  • Limit your protein diet.
  • Keep your body in motion to avoid laziness.
  • Never do vigorous exercise

Kidney Stone Removal Cost in India

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Kidney Stone Removal Cost