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Normal Delivery Cost in Chandigarh

Starting From: 60000
●   Procedure Type:  Delivery
●   Function:  Delivery of infant through the vagina
●   Common Names:  Vaginal Delivery, Natural Birth
●   Pain Intensity:  Painful procedure
●   Procedure Duration: 6-18 hours
●   Hospital Days : 1 - 2 Days
●   Anesthesia Type: Local

A child is born via the vaginal opening without any medical intervention during normal delivery. Normal delivery is considered the safest method for childbirth and is most commonly followed practice. During a normal delivery, a woman has to go through labor which varies from woman to woman. It can take a few hours for a few, whereas for others, it lasts longer.
Normal delivery costs in Chandigarh may vary from hospital to hospital. You can find the best maternity hospital in Chandigarh on Credihealth for safe & healthy childbirth.  

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What is the average cost of Normal Delivery in Chandigarh?

The cost of Normal Delivery in Chandigarh starts from 60000 which depends on multiple factors.

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Normal Delivery Cost