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I just found out that I have breast cancer. How can I be happy while going through the treatments?

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If a diagnosis of breast cancer has brought your world to a crashing halt, you're not alone. You need to be in the best shape possible - emotionally, physically and mentally - as you navigate life as a breast cancer patient. That's why self-care is crucial as a source of sustenance and strength, and should be considered an important part of breast cancer treatment.

Follow these self-care tips:

  • Don’t stop exercising
  • Use food as fuel for your health
  • Stay informed about your health as it can alleviate anxiety when it comes to treating your cancer
  • Build up your support network. Interact more with your close ones.
  • Relax your body and mind. Research has shown that mediation, deep breathing, visualization and other stress-relief techniques can play a part in lessening worry and exhaustion.
  • Adequate sleep is important for anyone, especially for breast cancer patients.
  • Make memories. Do not let cancer stop you from living life and enjoying your relationships.
  • Get financial counselling. You can ease some of your anxiety by talking with an experienced financial counsellor who can help you navigate expenses.