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    Hello my father is 60 years old with diabetes, bp and heart problem , since 7 months he is having high serum keratin with increased wbc count (16000+) symptoms are fever and shivering what is the correct line of treatment .

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    Dr. Nimrat Kaur

    credihealthVerified Doctor
    MBBS and Masters of Public Health29 August 2018 at 10:40


    By serum keratin you mean serum creatinine. Right? And WBC of 16000 is definitely high and with all those symptoms say he would also have high grade fever. He needs to visit an internal medicine specialist and get tested for any renal disease. High creatinine means renal disease and since he already has diabetes and heart problems, this should not be ignored. Let us know your city so that we can get you in touch with the best internal medicine/ urologist at the earliest.