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    Liver and Pancreas


    What's a liver parenchymal echotexture mean?

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    Dr. Akanksha Pathania

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    When a sonographic examination of your liver is done, the texture of the liver is highlighted. A normal liver's texture is uniform/ smooth. When the surface of the liver is irregular/ not uniform i.e. the liver parenchyma is irregular, it indicates some form of liver disease. Incase your reports indicate this irregularity, it is necessary to show it to a specialist for further treatment.


    01 Sep 2021 , 07:09 am

    I am patient of liver where USC report is fatty liver Grade III, requested to send me the solution to USG report is fatty liver Grade III , R

    27 Nov 2020 , 07:26 am

    Parenchymal echotexture is diffusely increased