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Best Urologist in Delhi

A urologist is a doctor skilled to treat and diagnose the diseases and disorders related to kidneys, bladder, adrenal glands and urethra. In men, the disorders and diseases are related to organs including seminal vesicles, penis, epididymis and the testes. The specialization that deals with the study of such cases are known as Urology.

Procedures and Tests  in Urology

Urologists perform a wide range of procedures to diagnose the diseases related to the renal and reproductive system in men and women. Below we have listed some of the procedure names performed by the specialists. Have a look

  • Antegrade Pyelogram.

  • Cystography.

  • Kidney Scan.

  • Circumcision for Children

  • Cystoscopy for Women.

Health Tips - For A Good Renal and Reproductive System 

Prevention is always better than cure, how good it would be if we add 10-minute activities in our schedule to maintain our organ health. We have listed a few habits which can be helpful for you, Have a look.

  • Hydrate yourself 

  • Go for regular health checkups.

  • Avoid Drinking.

  • Choose high fiber diet over junks.

  • Exercise regularly

  • Eat a healthy diet

  • Quit Smoking.

How can I find a urologist near me?

You can avail the medical services for at different locations in Delhi. The top hospitals where you can avail the consultation with the doctors include  Blk super specialty hospital, medanta the medicity, metro hospital, w pratiksha hospital, and Narayana hospital. Also, you can book online appointments with these respected hospitals in Delhi region.

Credihealth has a team of in-house medical experts who carefully collect all the necessary information about specialists in Delhi. You can check out a detailed profile, educational qualification, experience, OPD schedule, fees and other details about top doctors.

If you need guidance in selecting the best doctors for your treatment, then call 8010-994-994 to talk to the in-house medical experts for FREE or drop in a Callback Request. Basis symptoms, medical condition, location, insurance, budget and other parameters, the medical expert will share the best available options for the doctors available. You can choose the best doctors as per your need and book appointment as per your time preference. Credihealth has a network of the best urologists in Delhi. In addition to choosing a good doctor, the medical expert will also support in booking appointment, comparing treatment cost for surgery procedures from reputed hospitals in Delhi, support in managing other hospital processes.




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will any urine problem affects your sex life?


Yes, urinary problems such as incontinence, prostate problems or UTI have a detrimental effect on the sex life of a patient. Patients should consult their doctor about their sexual issues, if any.

Answered by: Dr. Ashwanth Prathapani on 04/09/2019

Q: Does urologist treat diseases related to the female reproductive system?


Yes, the urologist can also treat conditions related to the female reproductive system.

Answered by: Dr. Ashwanth Prathapani on 04/09/2019

Q: What can a urine test reveal?


The urine test can reveal many common problems such as infections, kidney disorders, liver problems, diabetes or other metabolic conditions.

Answered by: Dr. Ashwanth Prathapani on 04/09/2019

Q: Does urologist do surgery?


Yes, they perform a range of major surgical procedures.

Answered by: Dr. Ashwanth Prathapani on 04/09/2019

Q: What causes UTI?


UTI is caused by bacteria who enterers the urinary tract through the tube that carries pee out of the body.

Answered by: Dr. Ashwanth Prathapani on 04/09/2019

Q: What kind of surgeries are performed under urology?


The surgeries performed under this speciality are open surgery, laparoscopic, or minimally invasive "keyhole" surgery, and laser therapy to treat BPH, cancer, and kidney stones, among others.

Answered by: Dr. Ashwanth Prathapani on 04/09/2019

Q: What procedures does the urologist perform?


Commonly, the urologists perform Cystoscopy and ureteroscopy to look inside the urinary tract.

Answered by: Dr. Ashwanth Prathapani on 04/09/2019

Q: When to see a urologist?


Urologists are medical professionals who are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the urinary tract and the male reproductive system. If your physician finds any issue in bladder, urethra, ureters, kidneys, and adrenal glands, he/she will recommend you to a urologist.

Answered by: Dr. Ashwanth Prathapani on 04/09/2019

Q: What is urology?


Urology is a branch of medicine that deals with the diseases of the male and female urinary tract. 

Answered by: Dr. Ashwanth Prathapani on 04/09/2019

Patient Stories

Uchit Sharma

New Delhi, India

Uchit Sharma, a 19 years old resident of New Delhi was experiencing urological issues. His father contacted Credihealth, seeking information on cashless insurance panel facility in the hospital Uchit was getting treated from.

How We Helped:

  • Our medical expert spoke with the father and explained all the rules and guidelines for availing cashless facilities at the hospital. The expert also resolved some insurance related queries.

  • Uchit was advised surgery by his doctor but was facing difficulty getting a bed under his insurance panel. The expert spoke with Credihealth’s expert at the hospital and was successful in arranging a bed for Uchit under immediate basis.

  • Our expert assisted Uchit and his family with the admission and billing processes at the hospital. The expert counselled the family and informed them about post-operative care.

The family was extremely satisfied with the medical expert’s spontaneous attitude and dedication. They remain in touch with Credihealth and recommend Credihealth’s services to their near and dear ones.

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