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Dr. Manohar C S

Dr. Manohar C S

MBBS, MS – Urology, MCh - Urology

Consultant - Urology


speciality 14 Years of Practice


Sudhansu Kumar Sinha green_tickVerified User


The team is really accommodating.
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Excellent Doctor for Entertainment.
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The staff and doctor are outstanding.
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During my consultation with Dr. Manohar C S, everything went smoothly.
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Best Urologist in Indore

The Renal system, also known as urinary system stores and eliminates the urine from a tract known as the urinary tract. Also, the system helps in excreting out the body fluid waste with the help of kidneys.  Urine is made by filtering the extra water and waste from the blood. The in-depth study of the renal system including preventive measures, diagnosis of male reproductive system disorders is known as Urology. Also, the specialists skilled in providing the treatments of renal system and male reproductive system disorders are known as Urologists. There are many important facts related to the renal system. We have listed a few, have a look.

  • Your bladder can hold around 400ml of urine.

  • The blood in your body is filtered 400 times by the kidneys per day.

  • A kidney can clean more than half gallons of water in the whole lifespan.

  • Urine has 95% water, 2.5% urea and 2.5% mixture of salt, enzymes and minerals.

Health Tip - For Good Renal and Reproductive Health

In order to maintain good reproductive and renal health, you should add habits like drinking plenty of water, exercising daily and eating good food. Urologists say these are the best ways to stay fit and healthy. We have listed a small set of health tips which will surely help you to follow the path to healthy living. Have a look.

  • Drink plenty of water: Urologists say, this is the best way of keeping your kidneys healthy. This habit increases your frequency of urination. More the amount of urine you pass More get the toxins removed from your body.

  • Exercise for Pelvic Floor Muscles:  The Pelvic Floor Muscle exercise helps to strengthen the body and helps to solve the erectile dysfunctioning issues.

  • Cut the Caffeine intake: Urologists say, caffeine is not good for urinary bladder lining as it causes the frequent urge to urinate. You can even replace it with a glass of lukewarm water.

  • Control the salt intake: High intake of salt causes retention of fluids in the body by increasing the sodium content. This is linked to blood pressure and also forms stones in the kidneys. In order to control avoid the problem, you should control the high intake of salt.

Q1. Will I get any discounts on my first consultation with the Urologist.?

Ans. Yes, you just have to book the appointment from the online portal of Credihealth or you can also Call at    +91–8010–994–994 and converse with Credi Medical Experts for the process.

Q2. What kind of Procedures are performed by the Urologists?

Ans. All the procedures required for diagnosing renal and reproductive problems in males and females are performed by the urologists. Examples are cytometry and cystoscopy.

Q3. When should I consult a Urologist.?

Ans. Symptoms of renal and reproductive disorders are difficulty in urinating, pain in genitals, chills and lower back pain. If you notice such symptoms for a prolonged period then surely its the time for consultation.

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